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Epic likes to add one: "Destiny 2 inheritance Collection", which will open 16-day delivery mode next week.

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Thanks to netizen Zhang Zifeng, my wife, Gotham Heihua bat, Ching Huan New year's clues delivery!, December 14 (Xinhua)-- Epic's free game this week is Destiny 2 Heritage Collection, which includes Phantom of Evil, Lingguang moment and Shadow Fortress, unlocking 37 exotic weapons, 15 exotic armor and the Power of Ice Shadow. Epic said it will open 16-day delivery mode next week.

Pick up link: click here to pick up attached the introduction of "Destiny 2 inheritance Collection" as follows:

Destiny 2 is a FPS game developed by Bungie and an orthodox sequel to Destiny. The game itself is free to play, and the paid content can be obtained by purchasing season tickets.

The Phantom of the Evil Lady

Go deep into Savatuan's throne world, a twisted land of corruption and glory, and discover the secret of how she and her bright demons steal light energy. Learn the secret of making a new weapon, master the new power of the moon, and bear the truth in her web of lies.

The Engraving of Ling Guang

Europa's front line contains many lost secrets, including the shadow power called Ice Shadow. Work with Exo strangers to harness this new power before Shadow Kyle Elamos bestows this new power on her fallen one. Expand your arsenal, control ice shadows, and transcend the boundaries of light.

Shadow fortress

When the heroes of the city finally turn their attention to the farthest fronts of our galaxy, new nightmares emerge in the ancient evil that sleeps beneath the moon's surface. Deep into a mysterious demon stronghold. Join hands with Ellis to eradicate the nightmare once and for all before it brings mankind into the eternal dark ages.

The system supports simplified Chinese, and it is recommended that the graphics card be configured with GTX 970 or GTX 1060 or R9 390.

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