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Google launches Duet AI for Developers, an AI code assistant, to help developers improve their efficiency

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Shulou( Report-- December 14, Google announced the full launch of its AI-driven code completion and generation tool Duet AI for Developers. The new version of Duet AI integrates datasets from 25 partner companies to help developers complete tasks such as platform-specific application building.

Duet AI can now leverage data from partners such as Confluent, HashiCorp, and MongoDB to assist developers in writing code for their platforms. Google said it would also integrate documentation and knowledge from Datadog, JetBrains and Langchain to help developers with test automation, problem resolution and bug fixes.

Duet AI for Developers and Duet AI in Security Operations are Google Cloud's first Duet AI products for enterprise users, and Google plans to launch more products early next year, including Duet AI for BigQuery, Looker, database products, Apigee and Colab Enterprise.

Google positions Duet AI as an enterprise product, and they believe that these AI tools will not replace developers' coding skills, but are designed to complement them by increasing productivity. According to Google, revenue from Turing, an early adopter, increased by 33 per cent after using Duet AI.

Developers can experience Gemini Pro for free through Google AI Studio. The free layer of AI Studio provides up to 60 API requests per minute, which is sufficient to meet most application development needs. The tool currently supports more than 20 languages and has the functions of log summary, error interpretation and automatic test generation.

Vertex AI will also provide free access to Gemini Pro and Gemini Pro Vision until it is officially released early next year, with the same restrictions as AI Studio.

Duet AI for Developers is available free of charge until February 1, 2024, and then charges $19 per month ( Note: currently about RMB136). In addition, Duet AI in Security Operations has been officially launched and will be available as part of Google Cloud's Security Operations Enterprise and Enterprise Plus packages.

On the other hand, GitHub, owned by Microsoft, announced that GitHub Copilot Chat will be fully open to enterprises and individuals in December as part of its current GitHub Copilot subscription.

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