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New feature of Opera GX browser: F12 switches to the "Security" tab when touching fish at work with one click

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Shulou( Report-- Opera GX, a browser tailored specifically for gamers, recently launched a new feature called Panic Button to avoid being discovered when browsing NSFW content.

For example, when you are fishing at work, browse other related content, and when you detect someone approaching, you can press the F12 button to quickly switch to the "safe" tab page.

In a recent survey conducted by the Opera GX browser team, 36% of respondents admitted to accessing inappropriate content while away from home, and 45% reported experiencing embarrassing situations where inappropriate content was discovered by parents, family members or partners.

Opera product director Maciej Kocemba said:

You can trust your browser to bring you instant satisfaction. Yet if detected by prying eyes, these brief moments of happiness can lead to long-term shame.

We have therefore created Panic Button, which can act as your first line of defense to protect your online secrets. Note: Panic Button works when the user presses the F12 button, automatically switches to the preselected "Safe" tab, and mutes all tabs and pauses all active tabs, and switches to the innocuous content tab.

After pressing the F12 button again, the user can resume the previously browsed content.

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