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Numyun 100 | Digital China X operator, NFV is the spear, helping to break the network situation.

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When it comes to the future network strategy of telecom operators, "computing network" must be one of the words "high frequency". Ten years ago, when Internet companies were dancing in the tuyere, operators who were "piped" had deeply realized that the advanced upgrading of network capabilities should be done closely around the business needs of users. As a result, the operator communication network also began to quickly move closer to "cloud" to "calculation". However, users in different industries and different digital stages often have great differences and complexity in their needs. In order to cope with the rapidly changing needs of users and ensure the flexibility of their own business, NFV (Network function Virtualization) arises at the historic moment.

NFV helps operators upgrade core network pooling

In the past, in order to pursue high reliability and high performance, operators often used special equipment with the combination of software and hardware to build the core network. these dedicated communication devices are like one elite soldier after another, designed to solve specific problems. However, while they bring high reliability and high performance, they also bring some problems: for example, the network elements (the smallest unit that can be monitored and managed in network management) are mostly closed structures with vertical integration of software and hardware, which can only solve specific problems, and it is difficult to support friendly forces. Because they do not belong to each other and have an independent technical framework, it is very difficult to establish a unified system, and it is difficult to cope with the complex and changeable demand environment in the digital age. As a result, when operators go to the front end to face the complex needs of customers, the overall business development cycle is long, technological innovation is difficult, scalability is limited, management is complex, investment costs and operating costs remain high. It is difficult to adapt to the high agile needs of today's digital business.

Through the standard IT virtualization technology, NFV unifies the network equipment into the industrial standard high-performance, high-capacity servers, switches and storage platforms, and establishes a unified system. NFV softwares network functions so that they can run on standard server virtualization software and install / move to anywhere on the network as needed without the need to deploy new hardware devices. The unified industrial standard means that under the premise of ensuring the quality, the communication equipment can effectively control the hardware cost, at the same time, the software is developed based on the unified platform, and the software and hardware are fully decoupled. This is equivalent to that the Legion is no longer a single special force, but a standardized legion soldier, which can realize the flexible configuration of differentiated software according to different customer needs, and then better and faster respond to complex and ever-changing customer needs. NFV has also successfully entered the core network business of operators to help operators realize the pooling of computing, storage and network resources.

Shenzhou Kuntai provides stable computing power support for operator NFV

Over the past period of time, Shenzhou Digital's Shenzhou Kuntai KunTai R722 server has been shortlisted for two consecutive years in projects related to China Mobile's core network business because of its excellent product performance and high matching of operators' business requirements, helping operator customers to build general computing nodes, general storage nodes and general security nodes. Provide virtual machine, block storage, object storage, file storage, cloud base management and control, big data storage, cloud security and other capabilities to create a solid base for operators' NFV, network cloud resource pool and other business innovation.

Shenzhou Kuntai KunTai R722 server has the advantages of high performance computing, high density, easy management and easy deployment, and has excellent performance in "server computing power" and "supporting memory rate". It is suitable for big data analysis, cloud computing, software-defined storage, Web and other scenarios, and is suitable for efficient acceleration of distributed storage, native applications, high-performance computing and database applications. It can well match the innovative business needs of operators, such as computing network construction, computing network infrastructure construction, integrated computing network integration and so on.

In the process of helping operators to promote the construction of NFV, the multi-core architecture and virtualization technology ecology created by Shenzhou Kuntai help operator customers integrate multiple physical server resources into a single physical server, effectively realizing the sharing and efficient utilization of resources. At the same time, relying on the automatic management function of Shenzhou Kuntai KunTai R722, operators are able to deploy and start virtual machines quickly, effectively shortening the launch time of new services, simplifying business deployment and management processes, and significantly improving work efficiency in dealing with complex and ever-changing needs.

During the operation, the high reliability, high stability and disaster recovery backup technology of Shenzhou Kuntai KunTai R722 not only effectively supported the long-term normal operation of virtual machines under the operator's NFV scenario, but also effectively ensured business continuity and stability while improving business flexibility. At the same time, based on the data security requirements in the NFV operation scenario, the built-in security mechanism of Shenzhou Kuntai KunTai R722 also effectively helps operators to achieve data encryption, access control and other security functions to ensure data security.

In addition, in full response to the flexible and changeable actual needs of operators' NFV scenarios, Shenzhou Kuntai relies on its strong expansion ability to match the unified computing power encapsulation standards of operator customers to form a variety of intelligent computing power, with the help of cloud native concepts, to form automated computing power perception and state transmission, and with the help of visualization capabilities to form a unified choreography to effectively adapt to changes in different business sizes and needs.

The maturity of cloud computing and industrial standard high-capacity server technology is the driving force for the development of NFV. The continuous upsurge of the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other business brings the rapid growth of data traffic. This not only brings the pressure of network expansion and operation and maintenance to the operators, but also urges the operators to strengthen the traffic operation and improve the net income of data traffic. Shenzhou Kuntai is providing strong momentum for the realization of innovative services of operators'"computing network". Through the decoupling of software and hardware platforms, on the one hand, it realizes the flexible expansion of resources and improves the utilization rate of resources; on the other hand, it is convenient for system upgrade and maintenance. save costs, speed up business deployment, and work with operator customers to deal with the opportunities and challenges of the digital era.

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