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Excellent upgrade! TCL Huaxing a-Si in-cell active pen touch control technology leads the new trend of notebook

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In recent years, the whole society has been accelerating the process of pursuing quality life, wisdom office and wisdom education. Electronic products such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops are increasingly becoming necessities for people to live, work and study. Under the trend of electronic consumption, the demand for convenient human-computer interaction is becoming more and more important, so the demand for active pen-touch display is becoming increasingly prominent.

Leading science and technology, innovation plus. TCL Huaxing carefully developed a-Si in-cell active pen touch control technology to break through the bottleneck of traditional touch display technology and broaden the application space of products. It can not only meet the touch and handwriting needs of ordinary consumers, but also add to the creation of painting, editing and other professional workers.

Focus on the research and development of In-cell touch screen, tap the technical potential deeply

Zhi Research Consulting report shows that small and medium-sized touch screen technology needs a large scale and is in the mainstream position in the field of touch screen application. Small and medium-sized touch display is mainly realized through three ways: Out-cell, On-cell and In-cell. Among them, Out-cell achieves touch performance through fitting, while On-cell / In-cell directly realizes it by changing the out-of-plane / in-plane design.

Compared with the other two ways, the In-cell touch screen embeds the touch electrode unit of the touch screen in the LCD screen, which can reduce the thickness of the module and simplify the production process. TCL Huaxing takes this as the starting point, deeply ploughs the research and development of In-cell touch screen technology, and fully explores its potential in integration, cost, compatibility and so on.

Break through the bottleneck of traditional technology and broaden the application space of products

TCL Huaxing has always been an important player in the field of in-cell active pen-touch display. Previously, TCL Huaxing participated in and promoted the development of an active pen agreement between wacom and Google to support In-cell screen, breaking out of the industry dilemma that in-cell active pen technology does not support stylus. At present, TCL Huaxing successfully breaks through the technical bottleneck of traditional a-Si in-cell active pen through a series of means, such as process upgrade, design optimization, device performance improvement and so on.

Production process improvement

The In-cell touch screen can reuse the ITO Com electrode and the sensor block in the AA area, and there is no need to add a new process program on the basis of the conventional production process. TCL Huaxing relies on this and strives for excellence in technology. With mature 5mask technology, a-Si in-cell active pen touch control products are created, and the yield of the finished product is stable. While improving the production process, it realizes the cost optimization and effectively promotes the green production.

Excellent performance upgrad

Improving the signal-to-noise ratio (the ratio of effective signal power to noise power) received by Sensor sensor is one of the key technologies of touch display. The higher the signal-to-noise ratio, the better the final effect. TCL Huaxing a-Si in-cell active pen touch control technology improves the signal-to-noise ratio above 60dB by optimizing the design of Sensor blocks and improving the performance of matching devices. The quality increases one after another, bringing better display and touch effect for users.

A wide range of applications

TCL Huaxing a-Si in-cell active pen touch control technology has realized the integration of medium-sized laptop finger and active pen touch functions based on a-Si: Tcon and TMCU are integrated into T-Tcon, and LS shifter and TMIC are integrated into TMLS. The high degree of integration of the driver can make the module products lighter and thinner and adapt to many scenes such as life, office, study and so on. The integration of many functions, but also allows users to master more wonderful screen to meet the needs of diversified use.

Experience comfort and efficiency

TCL Huaxing a-Si in-cell active pen touch control technology, through the design circuit, device capabilities and driving timing optimization, to achieve touch and display time-sharing multiplex function. It can achieve the touch effect of hand-touch real 120Hz reporting rate and pen-touch real 240Hz reporting rate. On this basis, the touch operation can be completed by hand, active pen and passive pen. It is smooth and efficient in use, bringing a comfortable experience comparable to that of writing on paper.

Tamp the innovation base of interactive display and explore new ideas for future technology development.

The era of science and technology is changing with each passing day. Touch display will expand from small and medium-sized electronic screens to a wider range of applications, including on-board display. As a leader in the display industry, TCL Huaxing is giving full play to the world's leading innovation strength, further and further on the road of touch display technology research and development and product landing.

TCL Huaxing a-Si in-cell active pen touch control technology innovation breakthrough, superimposed FFS advantage technology, launched the first 14 "NB a-si in-cell active pen touch control display screen. As soon as this product was unveiled at world-class exhibitions such as IFA, it quickly became the focus of global consumers and industry attention.

Share the future with the times. TCL Huaxing will continue to consolidate the base of interactive display technology and explore new ideas for the development of display technology in the future with full-screen leading strength. TCL Huaxing's technology-leading products will continue to provide high-quality display experience for consumers around the world.

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