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Intel releases Core Ultra 7 155H performance data: 28W Nuclear display exceeds R7 7840U 10%

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 14, Intel recently held a live broadcast with foreign media Hothardware to introduce the performance of the upcoming Core Ultra 7 155H processor.

In terms of core game performance, Intel released data showing that the average performance of Ultra 7 155H in many games surpassed that of AMD R7 7840U by 10% under 28W performance release.

The score of 28W Ultra 7155H in 3DMark TimeSpy was 3452, while that of R7 Pro 7840U in AMD was 2785.

A few days ago, the TimeSpy score of Lenovo's new Pro 2024 notebook Ultra 5125H was released online, which can reach 3500 points at 65W power consumption. The AMD R7 7840HS can reach 3000 points at full power consumption.

In terms of CPU performance, Intel said that the multi-core performance of Ultra 7 155H exceeds i7-1370P 8% at the same power consumption and 7840U 11% at the same power consumption.

Intel is expected to release a new generation of core Ultra processors at 11:00 tonight, and new notebooks are likely to be released at the same time, so stay tuned for more reports.

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