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The number of netizens aged 19 and under in China exceeds 200 million, and 28.86% of underage game users have reduced their consumption in the past year.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 14, during the annual meeting of China's game industry held today, the China Game work Committee released the "2023 Progress report on underage Protection of China's Game Industry".

According to the Tuyuan Pexels report, the number of netizens in China has reached 1.079 billion, with more than 200 million netizens aged 19 and under. In the past year, 28.86% of underage game users' consumption decreased, and the amount of consumption gradually decreased. In terms of public opinion, attention to play time restrictions for minors decreased by 70% in 2023, while attention to underage refunds showed a rising trend.

The report also provides some survey data. Among them, 50.12% of minors will choose to stop the game when they encounter an "identity authentication pop-up window" in the game, 21.94% of minors will turn to their parents for verification, and less than 5% of minors will choose to borrow friends' accounts or mobile phones, buy online or rent other accounts.

In addition, 15.41% of parents have encountered the situation of secretly recharging their children this year, 32.93% of students will use their own ID cards to register for game accounts, and 32.86% of students will choose to register with their parents or other people's ID cards.

There are also differences in parents' attitudes towards minors' games. Among them, 56.26% of parents allow games under certain conditions, 18.40% are "relatively loose", 17.07% are "strictly prohibited", and 4.76% of parents "allow games".

The report points out that there are still challenges in the protection of minors, including multiple difficulties in the popularization of face recognition, difficulties in identity verification in the refund process for minors, and multi-party efforts to build a protection system for minors.

According to previous reports by, the number of netizens under the age of 19 in China reached 186 million in 2022, accounting for 17.6% of the total netizens, of which the mobile phone holding rate of minors aged 9 and above reached 97.6%. In 2022, the proportion of families with minors' private recharge dropped to 15.43%.

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