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Xiaopeng car XNGP has no plan to drive the second batch of 27 cities online, and Xmart OS 4.5.0 starts public test.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Johnny for some skin clues delivery! December 14 news, Xiaopeng car since November 28 brand-new version OTA__Xmart OS 4.4.0 full volume open, XNGP city navigation assistance driving has supported 25 cities.

Officials announced today that the second batch of 27 cities with urban navigation assistance driving will also be opened soon. From now on, the official to Xiaopeng G9, Xiaopeng P7i application users, open Xmart OS 4.5.0 version public beta, Xiaopeng G6 will also follow closely, on December 18 open public beta. attaches a list of 27 cities opened this time:

Tianjin City, Chengdu City, Xi'an City, Wuhan City, Changsha City, Xiamen City, Fuzhou City, Quanzhou City, Jinjiang City, Shishi City, Nanjing City, Zhenjiang City, Taizhou City, Yangzhou City, Huaian City, Yancheng City, Nantong City, Yixing City, Haining City, Yiwu City, Taizhou City, Zhoushan City, Huizhou City, Zhuhai City, Zhongshan City, Qingyuan City and Jiangmen City (the specific available status is subject to the NGP function activation icon of the instrument).

According to introduction, in the public beta OTA of Xmart OS 4.5.0, XNGP not only adds 27 cities not covered by high-precision maps, but also focuses on improving the experience of urban navigation assistance driving without high-precision maps, including various scenarios such as expressways, urban expressways, urban roads, etc.

Up to now, Xiaopeng has accumulatively opened 469 sales and service outlets, covering 147 cities in total. Each outlet can experience intelligent driving function. XNGP has fully opened city stores and can also experience urban navigation assisted driving.

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