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The dust settles: the Korea Superconducting Cryogenic Society says there is no evidence to prove that LK-99 is a room temperature superconductor

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Thanks to netizens and special commentators for their clue delivery! IT House, December 14, according to Yonhap News Agency, the Certification Committee of South Korea's Superconducting Cryogenic Society issued a white paper on the 13th, saying that after considering the data of the original paper and the results of experimental studies reproduced at home and abroad, it was concluded that "there is absolutely no evidence" to prove that LK-99 is a superconductor at room temperature and pressure.

The agency pointed out that in two previously published LK-99-related papers, the data such as resistance and magnetic susceptibility measurements failed to reflect the "zero resistance" and "Meissner effect" (the repulsion of the external magnetic field) characteristics of superconductors.

According to the method proposed by the authors of LK-99 related papers, superconductivity can not be reproduced at room temperature or low temperature in the reproduction studies conducted by Seoul University and other eight South Korean research institutes.

According to reports, the agency believes that the topic of "room temperature superconductivity" has a certain effect in arousing social attention and improving the public's understanding of science. But at the same time, because there is a misunderstanding between society and the media about the gap between advocating scientific discovery and scientific verification, which leads to unnecessary social controversy, researchers have the responsibility to prove their scientific findings initially.

According to IT House, a special "LK-99" evaluation committee was set up on August 2 this year by the Korea Superconductor and Cryogenic Society to review and verify two papers and public videos published by the Quantum Energy Research Center. The agency has said that as of the morning of August 4, no results confirmed the superconductivity of LK-99.

This summer, a material called LK-99, developed by the Korea Quantum Energy Research Center, caused a global scientific sensation, claiming that superconductivity, zero resistance and complete diamagnetism, can be achieved at room temperature at atmospheric pressure.

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