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One-stop BI innovation lead, Guanyuan data won the top 100 list of Rui companies in 2023.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, China's leading professional service institutions in the investment market have released the "Top 100 list of Rui companies in 2023". Guanyuan data has been successfully selected into the list because of its outstanding performance and leading strength in the field of data intelligence. This honor is not only an affirmation of Guanyuan data's continuous efforts in the field of data intelligence, a recognition of Guanyuan data's one-stop BI leading industry innovation, but also represents the strong confidence of the capital market in the company's future development potential.

The 100 list of Rui companies is a very authoritative new economy list in the field of venture capital in China, and it has gradually become an important weather vane to measure the investment value of high-growth technology enterprises. This year is the fourth year of the release of the list, which is based on the three dimensions of external attention, industrial cooperation and industrial influence, through the processes of registration, questionnaire research, interviews of industry experts and data analysis. comprehensively selected the 100 most innovative and growing innovative technology enterprises of the year.

As a leading one-stop intelligent analysis platform and service provider in the industry, Guanyuan data has twice been on the "Rui Company 100 list". Excellent growth and outstanding innovation strength continue to be recognized by the industry. According to statistics, more than half of the enterprises shortlisted in the "Rui Company 100 list" have national high-tech certification, and nearly 90% of the enterprises are recognized as high-tech enterprises at the provincial and municipal level. These enterprises not only focus on specific market segments, but also master core competitive technologies through continuous research and development, and maintain a leading position in product transformation and industry competition. As one of them, Guanyuan data, with the continuous hard-core iteration of its own products and services, continues to help the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises in more industries, and has become a faithful choice for digital capacity building of advanced enterprises in various industries.

Guanyuan BI 6.0Product Matrix

In terms of products, Guanyuan data upgraded one-stop intelligent analysis platform 6.0to further enhance the ability of "one-stop BI" to enable enterprises to achieve better management and better business collaboration. And focus on the enhancement of AI capabilities, the launch of BI Copilot series products, users can quickly ask questions, create Kanban, customize the report style, and gain in-depth insights in a simple multi-round dialogue. The integration of BI and large language model reshapes the data analysis link for enterprises, and further reduces the application threshold of data analysis.

6S Model in BI Construction stage of Guanyuan data Enterprise

In terms of services, Guanyuan data upgrade runs the enterprise BI construction phase 6S model to help enterprises better understand and locate their own BI capability stage and clarify the digital construction route. Through the analysis of the needs of enterprises in different stages of BI construction, from different dimensions to enterprise suggestions, choose the most suitable for their own situation of the advanced way, match the corresponding services, to help enterprises to achieve the digital stage of BI construction.

Long-term excellent market performance is an important factor for Guanyuan data to be on the "Rui Company 100 list" twice. Guanyuan data always put customer value first, committed to customer success, solve real problems for customers, create real value, and win the trust and praise of many customers. Since its establishment, there are more than 600 top 500 companies and industry leaders in various fields of Guanyuan data service, covering retail consumption, high-tech, manufacturing, Internet and other industries. it provides in-depth services for the digital capacity building of many advanced enterprises, such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Yuanqi Forest, Bank of China, CITIC Bank, Little Red Book, Zero Motor, China Resources Pharmaceuticals, Jiangsu Pharmaceutical and many other advanced enterprises. Create best practices for digital innovation in many industries. While helping more enterprises to accelerate digital capacity building, it also promotes the continuous improvement of their own enterprise competitiveness and brand influence.

In the future, Guanyuan data will continue to dig deep into the field of data intelligence and constantly improve the capabilities of products, services and technology, so as to lead the industry's one-stop BI and help more enterprises to achieve data-driven agile management.

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