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Join hands with Hongming to complete the Chinese enlightenment! Hong en can read and complete the development of the core version of Hongmeng's native application.

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Shulou( Report--

How to enlighten Chinese easily, interestingly and efficiently is not only the concern of parents, but also the core of the research and development of many children's enlightening App. In addition to the product content system and R & D design to be close to the needs of users, the technical support of the development platform is extremely important. On the other hand, Hong en, a top APP in the field of Chinese enlightenment, chose to join hands with Hongming to achieve seamless transfer between mobile phones, tablets and other terminals based on HarmonyOS system, which is convenient for multi-scene learning. At present, Hong has completed the development of the core function version of the native application based on HarmonyOS NEXT.

Hong en is a leading science and technology educational product enterprise in the field of children's enlightenment in China. At present, it has formed a full-ability enlightenment product matrix for children with Chinese enlightenment, English enlightenment, Steam enlightenment, physical reading pen and supporting books. As Hong en's core product, Hong en Literacy App revolves around 1300 commonly used characters, through nearly a thousand innovative interactive scenes, and a five-step interactive learning method of "playing, recognizing, practicing, writing and testing" to meet children's different needs such as Chinese character enlightenment, basic improvement and reading development. Since its launch in 2016, Hong en's literacy has been welcomed by parents and children, and has become a favorite Chinese character enlightenment App for many parents.

Hong en has a solid foundation for cooperation with Huawei. Hong en Literacy App won Huawei App Store's annual influence and excellent application for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020, and Huawei App Store's "best word-of-mouth app" in 2021. Up to now, App has accumulated more than 200 million downloads on Huawei App Store, making it the children's literacy App with the largest number of searches and downloads on Huawei App Store. During Huawei developer Conference 2023 (HDC.Together) in August this year, Hong en signed a Hongmeng ecological cooperation agreement with Huawei to further enhance the development and user experience based on HarmonyOS. For example, the content system of "Hong en Literacy" combines glyph and memory with nearly 1000 original interesting interactive scenes to fully mobilize children's senses and make them easy to understand and remember. At the same time, Hong en empowers the interactive experience of products with advanced technology through the introduction of advanced graphics interaction engine and 3D technology, AI interaction technology, research and development of children's exclusive intelligent voice evaluation system, and so on. The experience of these function points has been further improved in the native application of Hong en Literacy Hongmeng, including the optimization innovation on the rendering engine, which makes the rendering engine perfectly support the effects needed for interactive content and makes the interactive operation more lively and interesting; in addition, the independently developed ArkRpc components simplify the process of interaction between the engine and ArkTS components, reduce adaptation workload and get a better development experience while ensuring compatibility.

Hongmeng ecological construction is inseparable from the active input of partners and developers. Since Huawei announced on September 25 that the new HarmonyOS NEXT is ready and the Hongmeng native application is fully launched, many partners are accelerating their integration into Hongmeng, and many head partners have joined in various industries.

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