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500 million egg carnival, "egg party" egg match festival is about to begin, three kinds of linkage appearance, rainbow coins continue to be sent.

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After 560 days, the "egg party" achieved another historic achievement-the number of eggs exceeded 500 million. According to statistics, at present, the total number of game users in the country is more than 600 million, and a party game with 3/4 game users is quietly born, making great progress on the road that everything can be made into eggs.

To celebrate the milestone of 500 million users, from December 15, the "egg party" will bring a happy welfare celebration with the longest span and the most benefits, the egg-on-egg festival. Three kinds of free linkage appearance, rich professional appearance will be sent by login, a large amount of rainbow coins will be waved like dirt, and props will be scattered constantly. Sincere feedback layer by layer, sincerely invite 500 million egg players to go to the "egg festival", feel this unprecedented welfare carnival celebration!

Double linkage shock attack, free appearance with one button and three collars

From PADI Love Ocean, Rosen and other cross-circle offline linkage, and then to "Please have a little red bean!" "Pleasant Goat and Grey Wolf" and other excellent domestic animation, "Egg Party" has been committed to the positioning of "breaking the circle", covering excellent brands from all walks of life, bringing players a rich and colorful linkage experience of "more than party competition". Harvest different joy and happiness.

Since December 15, the "Egg Party" × "Pleasant Goat and Grey Wolf" has been launched for a limited time. Three new friends meet on Egg Island, and they can bring home the appearance of Little Grey, Beautiful Sheep and boiling Sheep free of charge, bringing players a holiday gift full of feelings.

The emotional chapter is still being written, and the linkage of "Egg Party" × "Guobao Special attack" also appeared synchronously on December 15. Three jelly swordsmen, Lu Xiaoguo, Hua Ruyi and Lihua poem, celebrated the egg-picking festival and joined hands with players to travel through time and space to revisit the classic scene of Guobao machine.

The team does not lose stars in the ranked, and rainbow coins are scattered all the time.

"Egg Party" has always adhered to the "sincerity first", with the most solid welfare to improve the sense of participation of players, leading players to experience the happy atmosphere of Egg Festival. In addition to linkage gifts, more play benefits come one after another. From December 15 to December 21, if you play for two or four at the peak party, you can enjoy the protection of the peak party for 3 times a day, eliminate the worries of the players, and keep the celebration carnival uninterrupted. so that players in each competition full of achievements and joy.

Rainbow coin welfare is non-stop. From December 15 to December 24, players will receive a total of 60 rainbow coins if they log in for 10 consecutive days and complete their daily tasks. Use the most direct game feedback to achieve every player's dream of collecting achievements.

In addition, the egg festival exclusive warm winter clock-in book is available online, bringing more diversified welfare feedback for players. Complete all sign-in tasks and enjoy a full rebate of 300 egg coins. A large number of game props, musical instrument toys "Azure accordion" for free, props rebate solid and attractive. If you unlock the advanced sign-in book, you can get 30 rainbow coins, toy "night accordion" and manual expression rebate.

The professional appearance of the small theatre, the appearance of the collection is 0 yuan.

In the "Egg Party", a large amount of high-quality appearance provides players with a variety of social playing space, while professional appearance with rich movements provides players with a more professional stage to perform their respective roles in "cyber social". Play a rich and colorful professional life in a small theater. 3 professional appearance, 10 interactive movements, will be surprised during the egg pick-up festival, so that players in the role-playing process, experience a different egg career.

At the same time, the "egg party" also gives back with a solid free appearance, leading players to feel a sincere and fanatical party. During the Egg Festival, players can log in to the game and choose one of the 10 super-popular collections for free, with real sincerity to help players get the most desired appearance and ignite a new round of party carnival.

Bottle cap appearance also ushered in a new addition, "Little Crocodile skin", "College set", "Boxing set" and "Cowboy set" four sets of brand new bottle cap appearance on the line, you can win by participating in the blind box draw. Each characteristic style, rich and full design, not only meet the more diverse needs of players, but also gain exquisite visual enjoyment in the game experience.

In addition, since December 16, the "egg party" will join hands with all major platforms to celebrate the egg-pairing festival, customized appearance will be given away for free, and players are cordially invited to experience a cross-circle celebration storm blowing all over the major social platforms. 12 channels exclusive custom appearance surprise attack, log in to the game can get the corresponding channel custom appearance, lead players to break through the circle to ignite a large cross-platform dating party.

The above announcement is only the welfare content of the first phase of Egg week, the next two stages of "Holy Egg week" and "Egg week" will have more new benefits waiting to be unlocked, bringing uninterrupted surprise and joy for players. Interested partners might as well download the "Egg Party" in advance. "Egg Party" invites the broad masses of players to join the egg family and go to the happy party time together with the cheerful songs of the egg pick-up festival.

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