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DSCC: wearable Devices will overtake TVs to become the largest Market Segment for MicroLED displays

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Shulou( Report-- December 14 news, a few days ago, the display industry research company DSCC released the latest forecast report of the Micro LED market.

The market for MicroLED displays is expected to reach $1.46 billion (10.42 billion yuan) by 2028, and MicroLED will gradually appear in applications such as smartwatches, AR glasses and car displays, the report said. However, due to the slowing penetration of AR / VR applications and the risk of Apple Micro LED watch delays, DSCC lowered its forecast for the latest version.

The ▲ Touyuan DSCC report also mentioned that the first MicroLED smartwatch is scheduled to be launched next year, but even so, it is only for the high end of the market. However, DSCC did not disclose which manufacturer the product came from.

DSCC analysts say wearable devices, including smartwatches, will eventually overtake televisions as the largest market segment for MicroLED displays. Wearable devices can benefit from the high brightness and efficiency of MicroLED displays. At the same time, smaller display size and lower number of pixels can reduce the problem of low output in the initial stage of the manufacturing process.

▲ Apple Watch Ultra 2, according to, Haitong International analyst Jeff Pu said in a research report released at the end of September that Apple will launch its first Apple Watch with microLED screen in the autumn of 2025, and mass production is expected to begin in early 2026.

Jeff Pu estimates that Apple Watch Ultra will be the first to upgrade the microLED screen, and plans to upgrade Apple's Vision Pro headers to micro-OLED to microLED materials.

Compared with the LED display, the microLED is more energy efficient, has almost no risk of screen burning, and has a longer potential service life. In addition, the microLED display provides better contrast and faster response time because each pixel has a separate light and is brighter and brighter.

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