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Vivo S18 series will be released soon, upgrade studio portraits and define new standards for portraits.

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The vivo S18 series will be officially launched at 19:00 tonight, and the official recently conducted a warm-up promotion for the new machine. Judging from the official information, vivo S18 series will bring a comprehensive upgrade in design, image and experience. Vivo even shouted the slogan "Pro leaps the flagship" and "the standard version jumps to Pro", indicating that the whole vivo S18 series can bring flagship experience.

The exterior design of vivo S18 series continues the design style of oriental aesthetics, this time vivo draws inspiration from blooming flowers, featuring "flower like brocade" color matching, the glass back of the fuselage adopts floating carving technology, carving out 1300 million light engraving patterns on the back, simulating the feeling of Chinese embroidery, and pioneering Yunjin glass technology, realizing 4 million three-dimensional square diamonds, reengraving the design beauty of Oriental Yunjin. Vivo also draws inspiration from Chinese-style windows, using water-overflowing design and diamond trimming technology to create a more beautiful sense of lines.

Apart from the blooming petal texture, the most eye-catching thing about the vivo S18 series is the ring of soft lights under the camera module.

This time, vivo officials said that the S18 series is equipped with studio-level portrait photography, and the back of the fuselage is equipped with a studio-level soft halo, which supports intelligent light control and color temperature adjustment, which can automatically match warm and cold light and intelligently adjust the brightness of supplementary light, making the portrait more textured and softer.

In addition, the vivo S18 Pro will also be equipped with 5000 million Sony bionic camera + 5000 megapixel ultra wide-angle sensor + professional telephoto lens with the same model as the X100, and will use VCS bionic human eye technology to further improve picture purity. In terms of algorithms, the vivo S18 series will carry the self-developed portrait algorithm and inherit the X100 portrait algorithm to further improve the portrait shooting effect.

In terms of performance, the vivo S18 series will also be full-scale cups, and the vivo S18 standard edition will be equipped with the third generation Snapdragon 7 platform with more than one million running points. S18 Pro will be equipped with MediaTek's flagship chip Tianji 9200, with 1.58 million + running points. At the same time, the memory of the vivo S18 series has also been upgraded, starting with 12GB running memory + 256GB flash memory, up to the storage combination of 16GB running memory + 512GB flash memory, and supporting memory expansion up to 16GB. Up to 49 applications can be retained in the background.

The vivo S18 series will be equipped with a 120Hz sunrise eye screen with a partial peak brightness of 2800nits and three SGS professional eye protection certifications, of which the S18 Pro will also support the flagship wet hand touch function.

In terms of battery life, the vivo S18 series will be equipped with 5000mAh ultra-thin blue sea batteries with a full bright screen lasting up to 13.5 hours, which is claimed to be the longest battery life of the S series so far. At the same time, thanks to the ultra-thin blue sea battery, the vivo S18 series can achieve a lighter and thinner body, of which the S18 standard version has the thickness of 7.45mm and the weight of 185.8g.

The vivo S series has always been positioned as a fashion selfie model, focusing on stylish and light body appearance and portrait selfie. This time, the vivo S18 series not only continues to improve in the field of appearance design and portrait shooting that it used to be good at, but also the positioning of the whole cup, further improving the experience of performance, screen, battery life and so on. The vivo S18 series will be officially released at 19:00 tonight, so let's look forward to the finale of Blue Factory at the end of the year.

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