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Yu Minhong responded to the storm of "small composition", denying that Dongfang selected CEO Sun Donghu and Dong Yuhui to choose one of the two.

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Thanks to netizens Snailwang, West window for the delivery of clues about the past! According to Sina Science and Technology, Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, denied that CEO Dong Yuhui chose one of the two, saying, "it's all right, it's not so serious," reported on December 14.

According to the Whitehead report, an internal chat transcript shows that Yu Minhong is currently facing the situation of protecting CEO Sun Donghu or anchor Dong Yuhui's choice of one of the two.

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On December 8, under the Oriental selection of a "trip to Jilin" video, the editor posted an answer comment on "who made the propaganda copy", saying, "every time a small composition is made, the anchor is in front of the camera." behind is the copywriting team, the shooting team, the editing team friends, everyone cooperation, only then has a special small composition. "

This topping remark aroused the dissatisfaction of some Dong Yuhui fans, some of whom thought it was a denial of Dong Yuhui's contribution to Oriental selection.

On December 12, Dongfang selected CEO Sun Dongxu in a live broadcast, saying that the first thing to do is to criticize the editor's team because they are emotional at work and communicate improperly. Dong Yuhui's mood was affected, so he temporarily decided not to broadcast it on the 10th day.

In the early morning of December 13, Dong Yuhui posted a long article in response to the "small composition" incident. He said that some of these "small compositions" selected by the East to hold provincial special performances were written directly by themselves, such as Xi'an Field and Inner Mongolia Field, and some of them provided ideas and suggestions to editors, and they recorded them and went back to creation. later, the two sides discussed and revised, resulting in the final formation; and the editor wrote according to his own ideas, and if he felt satisfied, he would not change or change less.

Dong Yuhui also stressed that he opposes the culture of the rice circle and opposes the stigmatization of anyone in the name of the "rice circle."

Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental, issued a video statement on the social platform today in response to the recent compositions. Yu Minhong mentioned in the video: it was originally a small matter within the company, but it has become a surging public opinion because of improper handling. The editor's practice is seriously lack of professionalism, which also shows that there are big loopholes in the management of the company. Yu Minhong also mentioned that he does not think that there is any food circle culture in the oriental selection, and firmly resists the food circle culture.

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