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Gree Dong Mingzhu commented again on Meng Yutong: he only wants to use the platform to become an online celebrity and have a bad influence in the company.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 14, according to a video posted by Douyin user @ Jane Duck, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric Appliances, once again mentioned Meng Yutong at the induction ceremony of the class of 2023 college students.

Dong Mingzhu said that when she took a fancy to Meng Yutong's diligence in the intern program, she was chosen to be a secretary and hoped that she could grow up. But she is not satisfactory in her work, can not even write an article, and "with the help of our platform to become an online celebrity", has played a bad influence in the company. "therefore, we can't keep such people in Gree." query found that @ Jindus mud duck suspected to have deleted the video, so far can only find relevant reports from other media.

The source of ▲ cannot be found. Dong Mingzhu also said that money is "a must", but it should not be the "pursuit in the dream" of college students, but the result of struggle.

Comprehensive previously reported that Meng Yutong, a former secretary of Dong Mingzhu, transferred to the marketing department in December last year. According to the Shanghai Securities News, the reason for the transfer is also because he received promotional activities from other brands and was interviewed by the company.

Meng Yutong was fired for violating company discipline instead of leaving, said Meng Yutong, an employee in Gree's marketing department before he "left". The employee said that Meng Yutong was "often absent from work to participate in business activities and took private jobs" during the company, and still carried out related activities after the company talked to him, without improvement.

The employee also said that since Meng Yutong came to work in the marketing department in 2023, she had rarely seen her in the office, often absent from work for no reason, and could not find anyone during the working hours. In the attendance form announced by the department at the end of the month, you can see that her abnormal attendance rate is more than 80%.

In December 2021, a video of Gree Electric Appliance Chairman Dong Mingzhu and his secretary Meng Yutong appearing at the summit of China's manufacturing leaders attracted people's attention and heated discussion. Dong Mingzhu said at the event, "Meng Yutong should be trained into the second Dong Mingzhu."

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