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Bilibili insider: it is not true that the Internet has given up the game business, and only some projects have been adjusted.

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Shulou( Report-- December 14 news, according to Phoenix New Media Science and Technology report, today's network spread the news that "bilibili will be on a par with bytes, game research and development will be fully cut", bilibili responded that "the relevant information is not true, only some projects have been adjusted." inquiry found that some netizens posted a post in the workplace exchange community asking whether the news of "A B Game R & D complete cut" was true, while netizens certified as "bilibili employee" replied, "Yes, it was just signed today."

According to bilibili's financial report, its game business revenue in the third quarter of this year was 991.8 million yuan, down 33%. In the first three quarters of this year, bilibili's game business revenue was only 58% of that of the whole of 2021.

According to previous reports from, bilibili recently released his third-quarter results. CEO Chen Rui said on a conference call that the game business has cut some projects that do not meet the market requirements and cannot make money, and will concentrate resources on projects that are more competitive in the market in the future. Bilibili has a natural advantage in the game track and needs to turn the advantage into reality.

Earlier in October, bilibili Guangzhou game research and development studio "Xinyuan interaction" reported layoffs, dissolution news, Xinyuan Interactive CEO Ding Qianwei has left, except for a Riman IP adaptation project "code name QQ13" has been retained because of external cooperation contracts, other projects have been cut.

As for the "byte" mentioned above, on November 27 this year, Byte Jump announced that its game business Lightyear would shrink on a large scale-- for games that have been online and performed well, it will seek divestiture under the condition of ensuring operation; for projects that have not yet been launched, except for a small number of innovative projects and related technical projects, will be closed.

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