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Tesla cooperates with Uber, and online car-hailing drivers can enjoy a discount of up to 3000 US dollars.

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According to on December 14, Tesla partnered with Uber to provide electric vehicles directly to drivers with a discount of up to $3000 ( Note: currently about 21480 yuan).

Uber has been increasing its investment in electrification of vehicles used by ride-hailing drivers. In 2020, car rental platform Hertz announced a major initiative to electrify its leasing fleet, including the purchase of 100000 Tesla Model 3 cars. Soon after, Hertz announced that in addition to adding Tesla cars to its rental fleet, the company had reached an agreement with Uber to provide its drivers with services to use Tesla cars, with a total of 50, 000 Tesla cars available for hire by Uber drivers.

Now, a new partnership has been reached between Tesla and Uber, the former can sell vehicles directly to drivers on the ride platform. Note: Uber has his own "vehicle market", which provides drivers with deals to buy new or used cars.

Tesla has been added as a "partner" of the platform, offering discounts of up to $3000 for Model 3 and Model Y, depending on the driver's rating. In addition, drivers need to complete 100 orders for 100 trips by February 15 next year to get the discount.

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