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Dynabook launches 2023 V6 / W and V8 / W flip books overseas: switch to 13th generation Kurei processor and add Wi-Fi 6e support

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen OC_Formula for the clue delivery! December 14 news, dynabook today launched the 2023 V6 / W and V8 / W flip notebook, mainly swapped with the 13th generation Intel processor and LPDDR5 memory, the new Wi-Fi 6e support, the price has not been announced, the previous generation V6 / W sells 250000 yen ( Note: currently about 12400 yuan), V8 / W sells 280000 yen (currently about 13888 yuan).

▲ source dynabook official website (same as below) learned that the only differences between the two notebooks are processors and hard drives, and other configurations are the same. Both notebooks support Wacom stylus (4096 pressure), with a "360 degree rotating hinge", can be switched to "Note PC", "Tablet", "Pen", "Monitor", "Flat" five modes, known as "five in one turn handwritten book".

The specific parameter information is as follows:

CPU:13 Intel Core i7-1360P (V8 / W) or Intel Core i5-1340P (V6 / W)

Screen: 13.3 inch 1080p screen


Storage space: 512GB (V8 / W) or 256GB (V6 / W)

Weight: 979 grams

Duration: about 24 hours

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