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Li Bin: the MPV model has been established, based on the Weilai NT3.0 platform

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 14, with the release of Xiaopeng X9 and ideal MEGA, it seems that there is no MPV model left in the so-called "Wei Xiaoli".

In today's face-to-face event in the media, Li Bin, chairman of the board, revealed: MPV has been established internally, but it will not be so soon, so let's roll it up first. According to reports, this MPV model will use the Weilai NT3 platform.

In October, car Pixel revealed that the products of NT3.0, the next-generation platform of the Lailai brand, are now in the VB stage and are expected to start testing (TT phase) in December this year. According to previous industry revelations, the first product of the NT3.0 platform belongs to the first model of the brand Alps, followed by Weilai.

Not many revelations have been found about the NT3.0 platform, but there have been rumors that the new generation of Weilai platform models will adopt 800V or even 900V high voltage architecture and bring a new generation of power replacement technology.

In addition, the new platform model is expected to upgrade and optimize the intelligent driving hardware, cockpit configuration and other areas, and will further enhance the degree of intelligence of the vehicle.

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