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"the Edge of Rebirth" is officially tested at dawn, subverting the traditional shooting experience.

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The illusion came and the dawn appeared. On December 14, the dawn public test of "the brink of rebirth" was officially opened. what new content will the official public test version S1 bring? Let's take a peek at it!

New version, new content, super cool combat experience.

The "Rebirth Edge" Dawn Public Test has added a large number of map levels, BOSS and weapons, improving the playability of the game. The game also retains 18 levels of the S0 season, and players can switch between S1 and S0 at will and choose levels to play. At the same time, the PVP unlocking conditions of Taojing Action will also be adjusted to be unlocked after customs clearance of S1. It is worth mentioning that the new season has added a new model-Challenge Tower. In the Challenge Tower, players will use the system preset warriors, guns, chip modules, etc., to challenge various levels, customs clearance will be able to get new gun blueprint components and other generous rewards.

In the new season of S1, there are 5 new BOSS waiting for us to challenge, they are barbarian Lord, extermination Lord, miasma Lord, Thunderbolt Lord and Xuan Guang Phantom Wisdom, among which Xuan Guang Phantom Wisdom is the strongest BOSS in the new season and is in Gemini form. In the first stage, Xuan Guang Phantom will control the powerful puppet "creepy Lord" in the air and attack players at the same time. In the second stage, the Xuan Guang Phantom and the strange Lord will merge into one and become more powerful. Xuan Guang has many psychedelic skills, complex mechanism, and less time for players to attack. It is quite a feeling of playing soul games. I believe players can get different experiences in actual combat.

At the same time, border weapons have also been supplemented, and the build genre chosen by players has been expanded because of different ways of playing weapons. The new border weapons are played in a novel way, and their thinking is greatly inspired. Shotgun "fried spider" can fire spider eggs, and when hit, it will release the fried spider, automatically chase the enemy and expose itself to damage. The sniper rifle "trick" can fire plasma balls, which are connected to form circuits. Both the plasma ball and the circuit will slow down the enemy they touch. Updated with the border weapon is the common fight module, the number of chip slots that can be assembled by the Warriors is increased from 4 to 7, and 3 new chip slots are set around the core-controlled nanites, depending on different types of nanites and different instructions. can be selected and combined from nearly 30 different chip modules. The increase of the common fight module not only makes the build school more flexible, but also improves the tactical status of the core control nano-man.

A new version of the new game, the meridian story begins a new chapter

Also updated with the new season are the Warriors' ring force and arm ring system. In S1 season, the basic ring force of all chip modules is adjusted to 4000. Because seven chip modules can be assembled, the initial ring force is changed to 28000, and the upper limit of ring force is raised to 49000. At the same time, the suppression effect of the ring force on the offensive and defensive attributes of both sides is greatly reduced. Similarly, the arm ring system will also be reset, and according to the S1 season of weapons, launched the corresponding enhancement direction, more diverse ways of playing.

In addition, the official announcement of the two-stage jump and jump-and-kill play of Nano Jump has also been loaded. During the jump, the vertical upward two-stage jump is triggered to reach more scene positions, while during the jump, the vertical downward earthquake operation is triggered, causing damage to the enemy, or after the second stage of gallop. In this way, the practical significance of Nano Leap will be enhanced, and the thought of jumping up and down in the BOSS room seems to be similar to the combat experience of monster hunters.

The new season will also usher in a new warrior-Amelia. She, a former military intelligence officer, disappeared in the meridian when she was looking for her mother, a senior research and development executive in Hinar. A year later, she reappeared with unanswered questions and only fragments of memory and came to her home, hoping to finally find the truth behind the meridian. Amelia can throw adsorption grenades and can attach to most surfaces, even enemy nanoscales. At the same time, Amelia can speed up the cooling recovery when hitting a player's weakness or knocking down a nano-body elite, and the explosion generated when a shooting detonates an adsorbed mine can also have an abnormal fire effect. Amelia is an agent who can cause a lot of damage, and proper use can bring explosive output to the team.

New version and new experience, the benefits of the top ten seasons attract players to participate.

The Edge of Rebirth uses Dolby panoramic sound technology. With the help of Dolby technology, the game audio team renders a sound field that matches the 3D scene, breaking through the general 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound restrictions. Get a more complete and immersive sound experience. And, in the "Rebirth Edge" game option, you only need to choose home theater mode, and then follow the instructions of Dolby Access to configure a computer that supports Dolby Panorama Sound to enjoy the Dolby Panorama game. In addition to hearing, the game uses DLSS3 technology, AI driven frame generation function, supporting 4096 × 2160 resolution, bringing players visual enjoyment comparable to the cinema line.

In order to tie in with the arrival of the new season, the Edge of Rebirth has also prepared a large number of welfare activities, from novice gift bags to return gifts, from combat supplies to fortified materials, from gun twisting eggs to cash red envelopes, to help players quickly enter the game of the new season.

On December 14, the Phantom Dawn exclusive task starts and wins a lucky draw to win Dolby Cinema coupons, PS5, and even a trip to Mohe Aurora for two. Great value and courtesy, all on the brink of rebirth.

Starting from December 28, there will be "millions of dollars in cash for all". Players only need to scan and log on to Mini Program to participate in the activities to receive official raffle tickets and millions of cash red envelopes and other gifts at regular times every week! What are you waiting for? Come to the brink of rebirth and draw gifts together!

The dawn public test of "the Edge of rebirth" has now been officially launched, with new content for the new season. New roles, new guns reshape the rules of the game, new BOSS, new levels bring more thrilling battles, and there are 8 seasons of welfare waiting for you!

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