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The game "Harvest Day 3" launches the first DLC "grammatical error": "High-tech" social worker action, which sells for 58 yuan.

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Shulou( Report--, December 14 news, the game "PayDay 3" recently launched the first DLC "Chapter 1: syntax errors (Chapter 1-Syntax Error)", the DLC is included in the silver version and gold version of the game, Steam countries separately bought for 58 yuan.

According to the official introduction of ▲ Tuyuan Steam platform, the DLC mainly carries out a "high-tech social work campaign" around "Skerry Digital":

Cash is no longer king. Today, the server is the top priority, and more accurately, the content on the server is the key. Payday has helped to target Skerry Digital, the industry leader in data security, to give the tech giant a look.

After thwarting a deadly plot against the Payday gang, the team began to look for solutions to the remaining problems. They carefully studied the files on Patricia Shaq's hacked server and stumbled upon a cutting-edge and valuable file on drone control programming. The clue led the team to a data center called Skerry Digital near Ryan Park in Manhattan.

In a world where cash is no longer king, robbers will need to adapt to new challenges. Their latest target is stored on a server protected by powerful AI and cannot be hacked into, so they have no choice but to break in directly and take the server "physically". checked SteamDB and learned that the DLC praise rate was 52.37% "mixed", and the bad reviews mainly focused on the pricing of DLC and Bug.

▲ drawing source SteamDB database

▲ source Steam platform (same as below)

DLC Picture Rewards:

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