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Vivo S18 / Pro phone front 50MP selfie camera + wide-angle double soft light, rear studio soft halo

2024-04-13 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report-- December 14 news, vivo S18 series of new products launch is under way, brings you the whole video live.

According to officials, the vivo S18 series features a front 5000 wide-angle autofocus lens and a rear lens upgraded to a 1.55in starting sole, supporting OIS hummingbird super anti-shake technology and upgrading vivo's exclusive VCS human eye bionic technology.

Vivo said that the phone has a wide-angle double soft light in the front and supports soft light on the screen. The rear studio-level soft halo is 50 times softer than the ordinary mobile phone flash, and can be intelligently adjusted according to the distance of the portrait.

At the same time, the color temperature range of the soft light ring of the vivo S18 series has been increased by nearly 1x5, which can achieve better portrait effect; there are also the industry's innovative "3D soft light food" and "sharp milk" SLR virtual effect, which can achieve "ultra-high precision separation of human scene" and realize gradual virtual effect.

The vivo S18 Pro has a flagship super-light sensitive imaging system with full scene coverage of studio quality, with the vivo X100 IMX920 sensor as the main shot, the X100 5000 megapixel ultra wide angle sensor and the X90s professional telephoto lens.

In addition, the vivo S18 series upgrades the "Shadow Portrait algorithm Matrix" with 100% self-developed portrait algorithms and a large blue heart model, which enables "intelligent brain filling details" with the help of AI units. summarizes vivo S18 series image parameters:

Vivo S18 Pro front 50MP, rear 50MP main shot (Sony IMX920,OIS,1/1.55) + 50MP ultra-wide angle (Samsung S5KJN1 pound 2.76 ") + 12MP telephoto portrait (Sony IMX663,2, 1max 2.93"), front wide-angle double soft light, rear studio soft halo

Vivo S18 front 50MP (Samsung S5KJN1 camera 1max 2.76 "), rear 50MP main shot (Howie OV50E,OIS,1/1.55") + 8MP ultra wide angle (Howie OV08D10,1/4 "), front wide angle double soft light, rear shadow studio soft halo.

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