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Seven rainbow on the shelf CDA-M2 portable screen ear amplifier: CS43198 dual DAC, 3.5/4.4mm independent power supply

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Thanks to netizens who are very homesick and afraid of the delivery of clues! December 14 news, Seven Caihong today on the e-commerce platform on a CDA-M2 portable ear amplifier, with an OLED display, equipped with CS43198 dual DAC, support 3.5/4.4mm independent power supply.

According to officials, the earpiece is based on the previous generation M1P coaxial ring fuselage design, and the shell is repeatedly polished by a whole piece of aluminum CNC to ensure the strength of the fuselage while reducing weight.

According to officials, the earphone uses a "Colorfly U-series architecture" with an internal circuit upgraded to a six-layer "gold sinking process" PCB and a "JitterKill femtosecond clock" technology that allows audio signal transmission to bypass USB clock and SRC interference.

In addition, officials claim that the earphone has a high and low gain of "optimizing output for headphones / earplugs", with five digital filter options and UAC game mode, which can be used as an audio decoder for game consoles.

The parameter information of attached ear amplifier is as follows: seven rainbow CDA-M2 portable earphone price undetermined direct link

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