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Apple iPhone 15 Pro DXOMARK preview test results released: total score of 149, ranked No. 1 on the list

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Shulou( Report--, December 14, DXOMARK today released a proactive test score for Apple's iPhone 15 Pro.

According to the test, Apple iPhone 15 Pro tied with Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max for No. 1 in the DXOMARK global proactive rankings with a total score of 149. The scores are as follows:

Project score ranking photo 1533 video 1588 in the test results, DXOMARK listed the following advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of Apple iPhone 15 Pro:

Accurate exposure of photos and videos and wide dynamic range

Autofocus is fast and accurate, with wide depth of field.

There is a lot of detail when taking photos and videos in strong light.

You can keep the recording stable when you move

A very accurate distinction between subjects can be achieved in portrait mode.

The deficiency of Apple iPhone 15 Pro:

There is noise under all shooting conditions

Occasional color distortion (artifacts) in photos and videos

When recording a video while walking, there is an occasional difference in definition between frames.

The top ten leading points in the current DXOMARK overall list are as follows:

Ranked model camera selfie audio screen 1 iPhone 15 Pro Max154149143-1 Apple iPhone 15 Pro154149142-3 Apple iPhone 14 Pro1461451421493 Mate 50 Pro1491451441413 Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max1461451421493Google Pixel 8 Pro153145142-7 Huawei P50 Pro1431441191357 Apple iPhone 141331441411397 Apple iPhone 14 Plus13314414114010 Mate 40 Pro135142--10Google Pixel 7 with Apple iPhone 15 Pro forward shot main specifications

1200 megapixel sensor

F / 1.9 aperture lens


4K video, 24max 25max 30max 60 fps,1080p,25/30/60/120 fps (test 4K Magi 30 fps)

This article is released by the robot and part of the content is generated by machine translation. You can check the detailed list here.

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