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Intel Core Ultra Mobile processor release: double Core display performance using Intel 4 Technology

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Shulou( Report--, December 14 (Xinhua)-- Intel released the original Core Ultra mobile processor at today's "make AI everywhere" event.

The Core Ultra is the first processor based on the Intel 4 process and represents Intel's most significant architectural change in 40 years, officials said. The Intel Core Ultra processor uses the Neural Network processing Unit (NPU), Intel's first on-chip AI accelerator for the client, bringing energy-efficient AI acceleration to new heights, delivering 2.5 times the energy efficiency performance of the previous generation.

Intel said it was working closely with more than 100 software vendors to bring hundreds of AI enhanced applications to the PC market that would transform the PC experience with creative, productive and interesting applications. For consumers and business customers, this means that a wider range of AI enhanced applications will be able to run smoothly on the Intel Core Ultra platform, for example, content creators who use Adobe Premier Pro will enjoy an outstanding experience.

Next year, Intel Core Ultra processors will bring AI features to more than 230 models from notebook and PC manufacturers around the world. By 2028, AI PC will account for 80% of the PC market and bring new tools to our work, study, and creation.

Intel's first Core Ultra series processors include U and H series, with basic power consumption of 15W and 28W, respectively. U series is 2'8'2 core specification, with the highest 4Xe display. H series has the highest core specification of 6'8'2 and the highest 8Xe display. In the first quarter of next year, Intel will also release a flagship Ultra 9 model with a basic power consumption of 45W, a core specification of 6x8002, and a 8Xe display.

The detailed parameters are as follows:

According to official Intel data, Ultra 7 165H, the flagship model of the first Core Ultra series processors, has lower single-threading performance than the old i7-1370P, super-competitive 7840U 12%, multi-threaded performance i7-1370P 8%, and super competitive 7840U 11%.

In terms of nuclear display, the 8Xe nuclear display performance of Ultra 7165H is twice as good as that of the previous generation, and the game performance is smaller than that of 7840U.

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