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DJI released DJI Ronin 4D integrated 8K movie machine with a set price of 84887 yuan.

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Thanks to netizen Harry12345, Handwritten once upon a time, Little Ye Jeffery,, Well said_So I bought, Luggage clue delivery! December 14 news, DJI today officially released an integrated 8K film machine Ronin 4D-8K, a brand-new upgrade 8K imaging system, equipped with Zensi X9- 8K PTZ camera, support full-frame 8K/60fps and 4K /120fps video recording. organizes DJI Ronin 4D integrated 8K film machine as follows:

DJI Ronin 4D-8K body is equipped with DJI's latest full-frame flagship PTZ camera Zensi X9- 8K, supporting full-frame 8K/60fps and 4K /120fps video recording. High resolution brings higher definition performance, and videos recorded at 8K / 60fps can clearly restore the true texture of buildings, plants, skin and hair. It also allows creators to cut pictures more freely, facilitating secondary composition and post-stabilization, bringing more creative space.

Zenith X9- 8K camera supports dual native ISO, default is EI 320/1600, dynamic range expansion is EI 800/4000, maximum dynamic range 14.7, in the city at night, seaside night, weak candlelight and other scenes, but also can take delicate and rich layers of pictures, even in the sunset backlighting, direct sunlight and other complex light scenes, can also present a natural light and dark transition, light and shadow details, panoramic view Combined with DCCS, it can help Ronin 4D-8K accurately restore colors in complex light, injecting charming cinematic texture into works with natural vivid and layered pictures. Ronin 4D-8K has built-in 9-speed ND filter, which can be quickly switched through motor drive system. This set of filters has been specifically designed to match the color science of Ronin 4D.

DCCS consists of CineCore image processing platform, DCCS color engine, D-Gamut color space and D-Log curve. DCCS can reproduce the natural skin color in memory in all kinds of light, bringing pleasant skin color perception. With simple toning, you can get a visual effect close to a piece, while the picture has sufficient color separation and color elasticity to meet the needs of high-intensity toning. In addition, DCCS also adopts symmetrical dynamic distribution consistent with film, which conforms to the lighting and shooting habits developed and continued from the film era, and also brings more delicate and natural highlight transition performance.

Not only that, Ronin 4D-8K also supports DL / E / L / PL / M interchangeable lens mount, not only DJI's own DL mount, but also Leica L, Leica M, Sony E, Alai PL and other mounts (E and PL mount components are provided by third parties).

Ronin 4D-8K can achieve manual lens autofocus and manual autofocus. Thanks to the new LiDAR laser focus system, the Ronin 4D-8K can quickly focus even if the subject has severe motion blur; with the focus motor, even manual lenses can easily achieve automatic focus. Hand-in-one mode can bring the precision and flexibility of manual focus on the basis of automatic focus. When the focus moves, the focus wheel rotates synchronously, and the photographer can manually adjust the focus at any time according to the creative needs.

In addition, Ronin 4D supports ACES standard workflow, which can be easily matched with other cinemas in multi-camera shooting, ensuring that the images taken by different devices present consistent color styles.

ACES was developed by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, professional filmmakers and color scientists to help creators of films, television, commercials and more standardize image color management and file data management worldwide. From shooting, editing, special effects, delivery, projection, archiving to future remakes, ACES ensures consistent color style across films. Today, not only DJI Ronin 4D, but also Inspire 3 and Zenith X7 products have been officially certified by ACES, which can be more reliably used in ACES workflows and easily matched with various professional equipment and projection standards.

In terms of price, DJI Ronin 4D-8K set additionally includes DL PZ 17- 28mm lens, PROSSD 1TB and card warehouse, RAW license, etc., out of the box, the set price is 84887 yuan. At the same time, DJI Zen X9- 8K PTZ camera sells for 19999 yuan.

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