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Intel's new generation AI accelerator Gaudi 3 debuts and is expected to go public as scheduled next year.

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Thank you, Mr. Air, a netizen of, for your clue delivery!, December 15, at today's "make AI everywhere" event, Intel officially released the new Core Ultra mobile processor and the fifth generation Xeon scalable processor.

In addition, Intel CEO Pat Kissinger (Pat Gelsinger) also demonstrated for the first time the Intel Gaudi3 series AI accelerator for deep learning and large-scale generation of artificial intelligence models, which is expected to be available as scheduled next year.

Intel said that because of its growing and proven performance advantages, as well as highly competitive TCO and pricing advantages, Intel Gaudi3 is expected to capture a larger share of the market in 2024 with its leading AI accelerator suite.

Pat Kissinger believes that AI represents a new era and creates huge opportunities for more adequate, more powerful and more cost-effective processing power, which is a key component of future economic growth. "the number of connected devices will increase fourfold in the next five years and 15 times in the next 10 years."

According to, Intel Gaudi 3 will use 5nm process, with 1.5 times the bandwidth of the previous Gaudi 2 (7nm process), 4 times its BF16 power, and 2 times its network computing power.

Intel Gaudi 3 is expected to be equipped with the highest 128GB of HBM3e memory, AI learning and training performance is greatly improved, the target is the Nvidia H200 accelerator card.

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