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Apple Vision Pro shows the first experience of 3D video: let people "relive their memories"

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Shulou( Report--, December 15 (Xinhua)-- Apple has added the ability to record 3D videos specifically for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models in the iOS 17.2 official update released a few days ago.

In order to demonstrate this feature, Apple invited a number of media members, including CNET and 9to5Mac, this week to experience the ability of iPhone to record 3D video and "refresh memory" on Vision Pro. attached comments from several media users as follows:

Scott Stein of CNET, who shot a video with his family in Vision Pro, expressed a strong sense of immersion, as if his mother was sitting in front of him and feeling eye contact.

He said that 30fps is limited to spatial videos with a large number of sports scenes, and the performance is very obvious, but not so obvious in videos with less movement.

He said:

I was also excited to see some of my favorite 3D exhibits at the Natural History Museum. I went to the Marine Life Hall, where three small water tanks on the top floor put three-dimensional models of prehistoric marine life that I had loved since I was a child. I photographed ammonites and trilobites sliding from one box to another.

In Vision Pro's 3D video, like a replay of this memory, I can see some details that are easy to overlook in the shooting process and find the pleasure of making them appear in front of you again.

Lance Ulanoff of TechRadar said he was "taken aback" by the previous panoramic images and immersive experiences in the Vision Pro head display, and the broader vision showed him details he had never seen before.

Ulanov said that compared with regular videos, these spatial videos are more realistic, more immersive and more resonant with users.

Inverse's Raymond Wong space video "feels alive" because the frame becomes "glowing and dreamy" when viewed, making the content "memory-like".

He filmed a video of having dinner with his mother, and he said that in Vision Pro, it was as if he had pulled back to that moment and saw his mother "talking, laughing and eating in the space video".

Josh Josh Rubin of Cool Hunting says that even if you record a spatial video that doesn't have enough light, it won't show a significant sense of graininess on the Vision Pro head display. The best scenes have multiple focal points within a range of two to eight feet, and he says too much movement in space videos can make people disoriented and cause nausea.

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