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Suspension of member opening and renewal of Box Horse: officially called "business adjustment", unexpired rights and interests can still be used.

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Shulou( Report--

Thank netizens for the past, Mr. Aviation's clue delivery! news on December 18, according to the Shanghai Securities News, in response to questions about related matters, the manual customer service of Box Horse said that from December 13, due to business adjustment, it is not supported to open or renew Box Horse X members, but the rights and interests of members that have been opened before but have not yet expired can be used normally.

Box Ma Xiansheng's paid membership business was launched in 2019, with an annual fee of 218 yuan, and can enjoy a series of benefits such as member exclusive price, "milk ticket", "meal ticket" and so on.

The horse was founded in 2016, and in January 2022, it was considering financing at a valuation of $10 billion ( Note: currently about 71.3 billion yuan). In January this year, Hou Yi, president of the horse, announced that the horse was "profitable at the end of seven years of long-distance running."

This year, Box Horse once again adjusted the price of X members, launching diamond members with an annual fee of 658 yuan, while retaining a "gold member" of 258 yuan (originally 218 yuan, after the price increase).

This month, it was reported that the "business war" between the box horse and Sam resumed: Ali employees wrote that Sam App could not be used at the box horse headquarters, questioning that the latter had blocked the IP address of the box horse headquarters.

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