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AITO Automotive: advocating scientific, professional, rigorous and impartial automobile testing, bringing real value to the development of the industry

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of the clue of the Dragon Legend!, December 15, AITO Automobile said in a post on official account today that the evaluation of new energy vehicles is a complex and systematic project, which requires professional technical support and strict operating procedures to ensure that the results are accurate and fair. AITO believes that the starting point and end point of any test should serve the real experience of consumers.

▲ AITO official account screenshot, the same as AITO car, said that before the launch of each new car, Huawei and Cyrus engineers will conduct rigorous tests on daily and extreme conditions to ensure that the car is more comfortable and comfortable in winter. In addition, authoritative testing institutions, such as China Automotive Research Institute and China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, use rigorous, scientific and reliable testing methods to verify the pure electric range, comprehensive range and other data of vehicles.

Finally, AITO said that it "hopes to see more scientific, professional, rigorous and impartial testing, which will bring real value to the development of the industry."

According to previous reports from, Kancheti recently conducted winter performance tests on dozens of new energy vehicles, involving the performance of pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles in many areas. The test site is located in Mohe and is currently in extremely cold weather. In the plug-in hybrid group's "pure electric life success rate" project, the boundary M7 only achieved a success rate of 31.6%. (the Mengshi 917, the Deep Blue S7 extended range version and the Chuanqi E9 PHEV cannot drive in pure electric mode in the extremely cold environment of-30 ℃, excluding the results.)

On December 8, AITO gave a detailed explanation of the test: the test media confirmed that the vehicle was heated by air conditioning for a total of 71 minutes before the formal test, and continued for another 40 minutes after the temperature in the car reached 24 degrees Celsius.

Late at night on December 10, it was reported that Yu Chengdong also expressed his position on the test results of M7 participating in the "2023 car King Winter Test" on Wechat moments: deceiving people and misleading the public! Science and rigor are the basic rules that should be followed!

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