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Win10 users reported that 0x8007000D error occurred again when installing Microsoft December update.

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Shulou( Report--, December 15, according to foreign technology media borncity, Microsoft released a cumulative update during the Patch Tuesday event on December 12 this year, and users responded to the installation and jumped out of the 0x8007000D error. reported in October that Microsoft released a cumulative KB5031356 update for Win10 22H2 on October 10, and users experienced 0x8007000D errors after installation.

Microsoft released a KB5032198 update for Windows Server 2022 on November 14, and users also reported 0x8007000D errors after installation.

Error 8007000D represents ERROR_INVALID_DATA, indicating that the update package is corrupted, contains invalid references, or the Windows file is corrupted.

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