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Hisense Vision Hub Smart tablet Professional P Series passed the Rooms certification of nailing meeting.

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Recently, Hisense Vision Hub smart tablet professional P series officially passed the nailing meeting Rooms certification. The combination of Hisense business display and nailing meetings combines the software and hardware advantages of both sides, and provides enterprises with high-link and efficient conference solutions before, during and after the meeting.

Through the nail meeting Rooms certification, Hisense Vision Hub audio and video capabilities are recognized again.

With the development of the trend of online and offline mixed office, the competition of the same type of products in the field of smart office is becoming more and more fierce. However, when holding a remote video conference, users still need to pay attention to whether the picture is stuttering, the sound and video is clear, and whether the screen is smooth, thus missing the "immersive" meeting experience, such a meeting is obviously not successful.

In view of these "rigid demand" pain points, Hisense Vision Hub smart tablet professional P series has been comprehensively upgraded in audio-visual capabilities. The product adopts a brand-new movement platform and an 8-microphone architecture configuration to achieve automatic gain compensation in the case of 12-meter far-field pickup, thus creating a uniform pickup in the whole conference room space. During a meeting, even if you walk around the conference room at will, the sound will not go up and down, and the consistent sound effect can be heard at the far end.

At the same time, for hundreds of common noises in the meeting, Hisense Vision Hub smart panel professional P series has also carried out elimination training, which can filter out more than 300 common noises. For example, the sound of air conditioners, fans and all kinds of sudden noise in the conference room scene can be eliminated, which greatly improves the communication flow of remote meetings and creates a focused and efficient meeting atmosphere.

In addition, the Hisense Vision Hub intelligent tablet professional P series is also equipped with Hisense's original human voice super-resolution technology, which can accurately extract the human voice from the distant voice and filter out the noise of the surrounding environment, no matter where the remote participants are, through the Hisense Vision Hub professional P series, you can hear the pure human voice clearly.

Thanks to its strong audio and video capabilities, Hisense Vision Hub smart tablet professional P-Series successfully passed the nail conference Rooms certification, thus achieving deep coordination with nail conference software, providing a more immersive audio and video experience, as well as flexible and convenient intelligent conference solutions for quality users with more professional and extreme meeting needs.

One-click reservation, wireless screen casting, and intelligent summary make hybrid meetings more flexible and convenient

When using Hisense Vision Hub smart tablet professional P series, users only need to open the large screen application market and can download and install nail conference room software by themselves. With only "one screen", you can realize the seamless connection between the meeting screen and the enterprise data and address book, open up the meeting scene and office scene, create a full-process intelligent office experience before, during and after the meeting, and make organizational cooperation more efficient.

Before the meeting, one click to book the conference room, online invitation, quick group meeting. Users can view the idle situation of the conference room through the nailed computer / mobile phone, and initiate a meeting reservation with one click, and the relevant meeting information can be automatically synchronized to the big screen of the conference room, the meeting notice can be sent quickly, and colleagues are invited to hold a group meeting. greatly improve the efficiency of convening meetings.

In the meeting, real-time sharing of meeting documents, collaborative annotation, fast and efficient. Through the Hisense Vision Hub smart panel to hold a nailing meeting, you can achieve collaborative labeling with remote participants in the same screen. Take advantage of the large touch screen to help brainstorm ideas and make remote discussion more efficient.

After the meeting, the meeting materials will be kept intelligently to facilitate the review and tracking after the meeting. Using the "flash" function of the nail, you can convert the audio and video in the meeting into text for recording, intelligently generate meeting minutes, generate to-do items, and facilitate work tracking after the meeting. After the end of the meeting, you can quickly release the conference room with one button to improve the efficiency of the enterprise conference room.

The Hisense intelligent office and nailing meeting hand in hand, for the digital transformation of the office to provide a new boost. Hisense Vision Hub Smart tablet Professional P-Series, as an industry advantage product, will continue to give full play to its advantages in audio and video capabilities and information exchange capabilities to meet the needs of digital transformation in more industries and more scenarios.

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