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Easy car starts Hongmeng native application development, and "service finding people" benefits thousands of families.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, easy car and Huawei signed a Hongmeng ecological cooperation agreement, officially launched Hongmeng native application development, and become the first batch of integrated automotive service head platform to start native application development. With the features of HarmonyOS full-scene distributed architecture and seamless flow, easy-to-car App will gain new capabilities such as developing multi-terminal deployment and full-scene services at once. With the powerful AI capability of HarmonyOS, easy car can also bring users a new application experience of "service finding people".

According to data from aurora big data, a well-known mobile big data service provider, the MAU of the easy car App reached 61.217 million in the third quarter, ranking first in the industry for 12 consecutive quarters since the fourth quarter of 2020. QuestMobile, another authoritative third-party data company, also shows that the easy car line MAU ranks first.

Easy car insists on being user-centered and produces high-quality content that users need and like, combining the advantages of high-quality professional pan-knowledge long video content and fast-paced pan-entertainment original short video content, through the construction of multi-agent supply and multi-type coverage, the video content system covering mainstream automobile consumption and life scenes has created a "central kitchen" for video production and distribution in the vertical field of cars. The change car also takes "video" as the strategic fulcrum, comprehensively upgrade the content system, build a new content ecology that connects users, self-media, manufacturers and dealers, and lead and promote the video transformation of the automotive content industry. After joining Hongmeng Ecology, the professional car model library, original content, evaluation system, short video, shopping guide and 4S store discount information of Hongmeng original version of App will also reach hundreds of millions of Hongmeng users, providing them with services covering the whole life cycle of automobile consumption.

At present, HarmonyOS NEXT is setting sail, and many industry leading partners, such as Bao, Nail, Amap, Meituan, bilibili, Xiao Hongshu, Sina and so on, have announced the launch of Hongmeng native application development one after another, and the vigorous scene of "Hongmeng Qianfan" has been formed. The addition of Yi car to Hongmeng Ecology also helps Hongmeng Ecology to further improve the layout of automobile life service categories. With the participation of more and more partners and developers, Hongmeng Ecology will grow rapidly, and the full scene experience of "everything is served, everything can be shared" will be within reach.

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