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Xiaopeng Automobile Public Relations Director responded to the "auto show to catch up with the media": no intention to antagonize the media, the media broke into the investor show and was driven out

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Shulou( Report--, December 15, during the 2023 media face-to-face event yesterday, a media personage at the scene complained on moments that Xiaopeng was at least more open and friendly than Xiao Peng in driving the reporter out of the venue at the Guangzhou Auto Show. Li Bin arrived at the venue early and shook hands with everyone one by one.

Xu Jing, director of public relations in Xiaopeng, also posted a reply in moments: "Please tell this teacher that I have not invited him to any interview. After all, I can't even understand the financial report."

Later, Xu Jing further explained in her WeChat group that she was "really revealing her true feelings" and had not been a slick publicist, according to Sanyan Pro. He said that he had no intention of antagonizing people in the media, and that there was no act of "harming people". What the media went to that day was a special show for IR, an investor in the auto show. He was not in charge of PR, and he "did not know" how he was driven out by IR.

In addition, the PR also commented on the content in the moments of other media, and the media "pretended to be an investor" to record it. inquiry learned that the car blogger "unserious Clara" revealed more details: "during the Xiaopeng auto investor communication special, a media teacher mixed in, not only reported himself when asking questions, said he was the media, but also opened a recording, you are not invited out of the scene, who is invited out to the scene ah."

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