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Wuling colorful fruit model starts cross-border cooperation with Disney, which will bring products around Mickey.

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Shulou( Report-- December 15 news, Wuling Automobile today announced the start of cross-border cooperation with Disney, both sides will integrate many Disney Mickey creative elements into Wuling fruit, while creating a variety of Disney Mickey series periphery ( note: details have not been announced yet).

In addition, Wuling Bingguo also brings three preferential activities:

Wonderful car purchase gift: financial discount or replacement policy (one out of two);

Wonderful induction gift: 3.5kW AC charging pile (with installation conditions);

Wonderful protection gift: the first non-operating owners of three electric lifetime warranty.

From now until December 31, users can subscribe through Wuling official channel for 99 yuan to participate in the above activities.

In addition, 3M customized stickers for the whole car will be given for the purchase of Consonance Premium 410km; three years of free smart car traffic (2G /month) will be given for the purchase of Consonance Internet, Consonance Internet + and Consonance Premium. From now on, users who book and pick up their cars will have the opportunity to receive a limited edition Disney Mickey peripheral "wonderful gift."

It is understood that Wuling Bingguo launched 8 configuration versions, selling price 59,800 - 88,800 yuan, length, width and height of 3950*1708*1580mm respectively, wheelbase of 2560 mm.

The car is equipped with 10.25-inch dual screen, built-in LING OS system, imitation leather seat, multi-function steering wheel, remote start, keyless entry, automatic parking, TCS traction control and ESC body stability control.

Wuling Bingguo provides two power versions, with maximum motor power of 30kW and 50kW respectively, peak torque of 150Nm, and CLTC pure electric range of 203km, 333km and 410km.

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