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Netizens did the Qomolangma cinema on CCTV!

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, netizens used projection to build a Qomolangma cinema at the Qomolangma base camp and boarded the CCTV17!

Some time ago, at the Qomolangma base camp at an altitude of 5200 meters, the young Guiwa and his partners built a special cinema with a Vidda C1S projection, providing a special "visual feast" for climbers and tourists, which was comparable to the viewing effect of the cinema. Moviegoers have said that watching a movie at the foot of Mount Qomolangma, the world's highest peak, is an unforgettable experience.

It is understood that because of the high altitude, thin air and low humidity in the base camp of Mount Qomolangma, many equipment will appear "high reaction" and cannot work properly. However, the Vidda C1S projection has its own high altitude mode, which can automatically optimize the operation of the fan and speed up the heat dissipation, so that the machine can operate as if it were on flat ground.

The young man who showed it said in an interview: "the whole process from the planning to the implementation of the Qomolangma Cinema was very hard. He showed several films in total. The wonderful pictures and excellent colors attracted many people to come to see the movie and saw the smiles on everyone's faces. He thought it was worth it. It was a great choice."

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