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Shulou( Report--

With the increasing strength of the science and technology industry, the intensity of China's science and technology activities is increasing. Under this situation, the market supply of integrated science and technology services is increasing. In the next 20 years, China's science and technology service institutions will not only face great competitive pressure, but also face extremely favorable opportunities for development. Under the background of the deep integration of digital economy and real economy, the digital transformation of enterprise finance is in urgent need of innovation and reform, in order to improve the efficiency of resource allocation and reduce transaction costs, and support the strategic development and value creation of enterprises.

Recently, Hesi and Future Financial personnel Research Institute launched the column "100 questions about the Digital Transformation of Enterprise Finance". This issue invites Liu Yunjing, CFO of Hangzhou Research interest, a global scientific and technological innovation service enterprise, to have a conversation with Xu Wujun, a successful vice president of Hesi customer, to explore "how to empower the fine management of business in a thousand-person enterprise".

The following is a transcript of the LVB conversation (simplified):

Hesi: in recent years, China's scientific service market has maintained double-digit growth. As the largest network of self-supporting scientific research and testing laboratories in the country, how to develop rapidly? What role does the finance department play in it?

Liu Yunjing: the Scientific Compass, founded in 2014, is committed to becoming a world-class scientific research service organization. Where there is scientific research, there is a scientific compass. We provide professional, fast and omni-directional testing and scientific research services for researchers in universities, scientific research institutes, hospitals, R & D enterprises and other researchers, and truly serve scientific research wholeheartedly and contribute to global scientific and technological innovation. The research and interest business started in 2016, but since 2020, the scale of the business has grown rapidly, even during the epidemic. The reasons can be attributed to the following two aspects: on the one hand, the external environment is changing. With the development of science and technology, the state has increased the investment in scientific research, and the demand for scientific research is increasing day by day; on the other hand, it comes from the improvement of the internal strength of the company. With the increase of research and interest investment in instruments and equipment, the brand influence and strength of enterprises in the industry continue to improve, the supply chain capacity is more stable, forming a growth flywheel.

However, in the process of the rapid development of the company, the financial department is also facing tremendous pressure and challenges. We adapt to the rapid development of enterprises through the reform of financial digitalization and intelligence. Previously, the foundation of financial informatization of research interest is relatively weak, and the sense of existence and value is not strong, but now, finance has gradually played an important role in the company's business decision-making. whenever it involves major decisions and strategic goals of the company, the financial staff will provide data support and measurement.

Think together: how does the financial department of research and interest transmit the value created in the process of development, and finally realize the "counterattack"?

Liu Yunjing: a person can walk well, but a group of people can go further. As a financial leader, if you want to create more value and get more results for the company, you must first build your own team and find the right person. After three years on the job, the financial team has changed from 5 to 14, and the financial function has also changed from traditional accounting finance to business finance. More than half of these 14 people belong to business finance and strategic finance.

The financial value also ranges from the basic value (clear, manage the money) to the core value (step on the accelerator, air brake) and then to the current value-added value (intellectual analysis, value-added); the right person is how to lead them to get good results. Looking back over the past three years, we have done these important things around digitization, and gradually achieved phased results in the transformation of financial digitization.

The first year: we have set up the company's management report and launched the cost control system. Through the above means, enterprises can clearly know the real profit and loss situation, achieve the profit model of the smallest unit, and know the specific situation of each profit and loss link, so as to achieve more refined operation.

In addition, the launch of the Hesi cost control system has also successfully achieved cost reduction and efficiency: the efficiency is shown in the financial staff to review documents, voucher production, cross-system and business staff do not need to paste reimbursement, no advance, and so on. The cost reduction is mainly reflected in that many rules can be set in advance. For example, after we set the standard for hotels, all hotels coming out of the platform will fall within this standard. For example, the rule for booking air tickets is that economy class must be booked three days in advance; for example, it was difficult to monitor the real itinerary by taxi-hailing, and now taxi-hailing can set different rules according to different taxi-hailing scenarios.

The second year: we began to build a reminder system and a customer credit system. The reminder system has different values for different people: customers can clearly know every order in the scientific compass, and the system will automatically issue invoices according to each order and send arrears bills regularly; employees have a payback workbench. Clearly know their own goals and gaps in each stage. The system assigns the call to the customer service according to the setting logic; the enterprise knows each customer's arrears and the length of the account. Advance reminder action to reduce the risk of bad debts.

The construction of the credit system helps research and interest to achieve three important functions, the first is the customer risk control model, according to the customer's past repayment situation and the customer's basic characteristics combined with the order to get a score, the customer with low score enters the risk monitoring; the second is the customer layering function, which stratifies the customer according to the payback situation, historical consumption, payback cycle, arrears amount and credit line. The third is the customer credit management function, according to the historical consumption, repayment situation, arrears situation, the system automatically gives customers credit, withdrawal amount, account period.

The third year: we have built the company's business analysis system, achieved monthly and quarterly detailed business analysis, and regularly built a single laboratory, a single region, a single business line of special analysis; to achieve annual and semi-annual business review and target setting.

Hesi: what designs have been done in the construction of enterprise informatization and digitization in the process of rapid development? Travel as a high-frequency scene, what are the previous management problems?

Liu Yunjing: in the process of the rapid development of the company, the process and efficiency of management is very critical, especially when it comes to cross-regional office and collaboration. With the expansion of the size of personnel, this pressure is more obvious. In order to make the process smoother and the examination and approval more efficient, research and interest has introduced a joint cost control system, which on the one hand enables employees to save time and invest in business through process automation; on the other hand, financial automation of vouchers and payment automation can also save manpower. The most important point is that the standards and rules of Hesi Mall can be preceded. For example, when we book a hotel, after the standards of each city are set, the hotels on the mall are basically within the standard range; secondly, we can enjoy the agreement price by signing an agreement with the hotels under the platform, which greatly reduces the cost.

Think together: how is the full-link automation and intelligence of research and interest realized?

Liu Yunjing: one of the purposes of financial digital transformation is to improve the overall efficiency through process optimization and operation automation. In order to enhance the fluency of industry-property coordination, the company has set up a number of business finance positions, such as marketing finance BP, laboratory finance BP, business finance BP, as well as the introduction of CRM, OA, ERP, BI and other systems. However, the data of the whole process from business to finance is not effective and smooth, for example, when the business procurement initiates the examination and approval project, the finance can not see the contract information, and the independent system is aroused separately after the approval is finished. and do not see the relevant procurement contract information and supplier compliance, employees can not see the progress, employees are anxious, financial is also very busy. Therefore, in this process, the data between different systems are isolated, and the operation efficiency is not greatly improved because of the introduction of the system.

Heshi's concept of "hose" vividly describes the importance of enterprises to "connect" data. After the research is interested in the cost control and consumer mall, the business initiation approval application, contract information and mall procurement information can be synchronized to the financial review personnel, and after the review is passed through the direct connection between banks and enterprises, there is no need to switch the system separately. After that, this data will be imported into the accounting system for automatic bookkeeping and certification through the Heshi Eai-Pro plug-in function. The business can see the progress of his examination and approval project at any time through the system, the pressure of financial review through strong association with the business system is reduced, and the work of accounting bookkeeping and certification is greatly reduced.

Hesi: in the process of industry-financial coordination, one of the gap of business and finance is the cognitive difference of the enterprise's financial indicators. How to break through the recognition boundary?

Liu Yunjing: in the research interest, we launched-- a single order UE model, "Wu Mao accounting concept". Through this model, we can not only clearly know the profitability of the company, know the profitability of each link, but also layer customers, so as to guide more reasonable business decisions. Through this model, we choose the real financial father to help the business maximize profits, and the business's financial attitude has changed from the original resistance to chasing us for data and analysis, enabling business management to be more refined and efficient.

Hesi: from the conclusion of the cooperation agreement to the launch of the product, how do you evaluate Hesi's product and service team?

Liu Yunjing: first of all, Hesi's products grasp the real pain points of users and are in line with the general trend. For example, the country advocates electronic accounting files, which is more in line with the current trend of vigorously developing artificial intelligence; secondly, Hesi's service team is very attentive and approachable. in order to gain an in-depth understanding of customers' demands, the service team is willing to provide door-to-door service even during off-hours to quickly solve customer needs.

In addition, Hesi's customer-centered service concept is also impressive. Once we mentioned the need for an expense report in order to achieve a more intelligent and customized presentation of the report. Hesi brought the product team and business team to the door the next day to understand the needs face-to-face, and it was the chief product architect and business leader who attached great importance to customer needs.

Hesi: next, how do you plan the next stage of financial digitization construction?

Liu Yunjing: the future digital planning of research and interest should realize the "four modernizations":

1. Digital customer experience: customer-centric, closer, satisfied, win and continue to win customers

two。 Ecological supply cooperation: link and integrate the value chain, share win-win development, and gradually apply our efficient system to the supplier side.

3. Integration of operation and management: horizontal and vertical among departments, end-to-end coordination, timely and efficient solution of operation and management problems

4. Intelligent business decision-making: real-time online visualization of data to provide a reliable basis for business decision-making.

Hesi: in the era of digital economy, what do you think of the relationship between financial personnel and IT technology and professional capabilities, and what abilities should financial people have in the future?

Liu Yunjing: talent training is really very critical. If you don't find the right person, you can't do so many things. After all, the individual's ability is limited, and there will be limitations in thinking. The reason why we can get some results in the company's digital transformation depends on the efforts of the team.

I think the abilities that financial people should have in the future include the following: first of all, learning ability is the first, because people with continuous learning ability no matter what position or age must not worry about being killed. Secondly, it is very important to have the ability to solve problems, whether at work or in life, we often encounter all kinds of problems, so when we encounter problems, we must learn to analyze why we encounter this problem. What is the essential cause of this problem? why do I encounter this problem? why do I encounter this problem now? how can I solve this problem properly? At work, our superiors and bosses always want us to be good at solving problems, rather than creating all kinds of problems without solving them. The last point is the ability of empathy and communication. People are emotional animals, but machines have no emotions. The reason why we will not be completely replaced by robots is that we have feelings and empathy. We can solve various problems in the actual process more efficiently through emotional connection.

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