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Recruitment for internal test of Flyme AI function starts today: covers Meizu 21 / 20 series models, with a total of 1000 seats

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizens for the clue delivery! on December 15, Meizu announced the start of Flyme10.5 internal test recruitment, and today officially launched Flyme AI internal test recruitment, covering models Meizu 21, Meizu 20, Meizu 20 PRO, Meizu 20 INFINITY unbounded version. Application requirements: Flyme daily. with recruitment time and quota:

15 December 1400 300

December 15, 1700, 300.

December 15! 19! 00! 400!

How to use the AI function:

Aicy voice: open Aicy voice and enter the AI functional area for trial. You can also wake up voice and let Aicy voice answer questions and draw pictures through voice or text. Click the + sign in the lower left corner of the dialogue page to select a text document for document analysis.

Gallery: enter the gallery, open the picture editor and select the AI tool to eliminate and expand, and enter the discovery page to use AI to take photos.

The function of searching local pictures through text description in Aicy voice or gallery is temporarily unavailable. It is expected to be updated and launched next week.

It is understood that the Flyme Al internal test qualification is associated with the FIyme account, exit or change the account will not be able to experience the AI function. At present, the related functions of Flyme Al are still in the stage of research and development and internal testing, and there may be some problems, such as functional instability, functional failure and so on.

There is a certain problem risk in extracting any system application apk external propagation, non-internal test equipment, low-version equipment installation may cause the application crash function permanently unavailable and other problems, such as problems may need to be restored to factory settings to solve.

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