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Kuaishou United Information Communication Institute leads the technical standard of digital identity authentication to promote the healthy development of short video live broadcast industry.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, the Internet Society of China announced the launch of the group standard of "enhanced identity Authentication Technical requirements based on NFC", taking an important step towards promoting the healthy development of short video and live streaming on the mobile Internet. It is understood that the standard was jointly initiated and led by Kuaishou and the China Institute of Information and Communications, filling in the standard gap in user authentication in the field of short video and live streaming. Prior to this, Kuaishou NFC enhanced identity authentication system also passed the trusted Digital identity-NFC enhanced Authentication Test of China Institute of Information and Communication, and was awarded the evaluation certificate at the award ceremony of the 2023 Web3.0 Innovation Competition.

In recent years, with the rapid increase of mobile Internet penetration, the huge digital society has created an urgent need for identity security, convenience, reliability and efficiency. The traditional identity authentication process usually requires users to provide credential photos or manually enter identity information, which is difficult to distinguish between true and false, at the same time, the user experience is poor. On the other hand, Kuaishou's enhanced identity authentication technology based on NFC ensures the "demonstration" of users' identities by interacting with authoritative documents such as identity cards, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan documents, foreigners' permanent residence certificates, passports, and so on, and then ensures the "real person" of users' identity through live inspection and portrait comparison, and realizes the "identity consistency" in the real sense.

It is reported that this scheme applies NFC technology to the field of short video digital identity for the first time, and can satisfy the security, reliability and convenience of user identity authentication at the same time. While improving the user experience, the difficult problems of the security and credibility of identity authentication are effectively solved, including preventing the forgery of user identity documents and the fraudulent use of information by means of the direct interaction between mobile terminals and entity documents, and through the two-factor verification of "demonstration + real person", effectively prevent the embezzlement and illegal use of entity documents, and further improve the level of security and credibility of identity verification.

In addition to directly improving the level of identity security, the technical scheme also helps to further combat black ash production. The "demonstration + real person" two-factor verification method greatly increases the threshold of identity embezzlement and the cost of attack against identity authentication. The program also provides a strong support for identifying and cracking down on black ash products involving pornography, drugs and gambling, and provides a guarantee for promoting the healthy development of the industry and purifying cyberspace.

Kuaishou said that the establishment of relevant standards in the Internet Society of China is expected to work with more industry partners to study and explore enhanced identity authentication technology and applications based on NFC, so as to form an industry consensus and promote the landing of the industry. In the future, Kuaishou will continue to promote technological innovation, provide users with a safer and more convenient experience, and share industry practices through standardization to enhance efficiency for the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

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