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With Garmin Jiaming signing athlete Miao Hao, he started running in the winter morning to awaken his body.

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Follow Miao Hao's morning run before the race to awaken vitality

Forerunner series helps you excel in training and enjoy sports every day.

At the end of the year, a number of marathon events came one after another, and the whole people were enthusiastic about running. Recently, Garmin Jiaming invited Chinese professional Triathlon athlete, Garmin Jiaming contract athlete Miao Hao, as well as a number of runners to gather in Guangzhou hydrophilic Park to start a 5-kilometer morning charging run on the eve of the Guangzhou Marathon. Running training awakens vitality throughout the day, Miao Hao exchanges training experiences and skills with runners on the spot, improves race performance through Jiaming sports technology and efficient training, and helps runners realize their PB dream.

Run in the morning before the race, recharge every sports cell.

At 7: 00 in the morning, Miao Hao and many Jiaming runners gathered in Guangzhou hydrophilic Park. After a full warm-up, runners turn on watch running mode and run collectively in the morning. Passing through the Guangzhou landmark "Xiaomanyao" and the Liede Bridge, which is famous as "the shell of the Pearl River", there is a panoramic view along the way, the weather is beautiful, and the suitable temperature can effectively ensure the comfort of running.

Energy breakfast meeting, ask and answer quickly and share the training experience.

After a 5-kilometer morning run, runners enjoy a light breakfast. During the breakfast session, Miao Hao conducted in-depth exchanges with KOL and runners on training experience and equipment selection:

Li Jinli: what is the greatest help of Jiaming watches to you?

Miao Hao: Jiaming watch data is very comprehensive, including heart rate, power, speed and many other dimensions, so that I clearly know the effect of participating in the training course. During sleep, I also wear Jiaming watch, which can record my sleep data. More intuitive to see the state of physical recovery.

Xiaobu running shoes said: many friends followed Brother Ho in the race. Which watch did Brother Hao use in Jiaming?

Miao Hao: Forerunner 955 is currently used. Daitie recommends this watch. I know that the latest one is 965, and its screen will be better. The main reason why I use the 955 is that I have a strong endurance ability. It takes three hours to train at the bottom every day, and I don't have to recharge for a week. In addition, I have been using 955 since last year, recording my competition and training over the past year, it accompanied me to break through my own refresh PB, and every step of my growth has its witness, which means a lot to me.

Elsa Dani: I'd like to ask Brother Hao, for fitness rookies, do you have any good watches to recommend?

Miao Hao: watches are the same as bicycles. You must buy the best ones. If you upgrade step by step, it will be a waste of money. It is very important to achieve one step at a time. In addition, there are many clubs in China, you can train with the club, there is a lot of atmosphere, the friends of the club will share a lot of experience with you, and the safety during training will be guaranteed. I think if there is no way to guarantee safety during training, don't start training. Newcomers don't know much about the games they can take part in, and the club's "old bird" will give you a lot of experience, including what game is right for you, what atmosphere will be better, and it's worth taking part in.

Xiaobu running shoes said: Xiaobai can not miss an iron triple game?

Miao Hao: the best atmosphere must be IRONMAN KONA. If it is big iron, I recommend the Hamburg European Championship, which is the European Championship. Although the level is very high, the difficulty of the track is relatively low, and the atmosphere of the track is very good. It is launched from the city hall in Hamburg, running is a circle of ten kilometers, the ten-kilometer track is full of people, a lot of people outside the field cheer for you, and will call your name. This is a blessed place for me, and I still have room for progress.

Zhuzhu: many users go from running to Tiesan. As a running tool, people are familiar with watches. It is only in the last two years that I began to ride my bike slowly. A very important tool for cycling is the code table. I would like to ask for Xiaobai what dimensions do you consider when choosing the code table? Jiaming's code table is also very well-known. What are the advantages of the Jiaming code table?

Miao Hao: I am using Edge 1040 now. It has excellent battery life. 1040 recorded my three big railway races. Jiaming's code table is divided into many models, such as 840,540. you can choose the code table according to your own ability and needs.

Xiaobu running shoes said: will it be better to use a family bucket, a watch, a meter, a power meter?

Miao Hao: I think one step is the most economical and has the best sense of experience. I actually use Jiaming's intelligent cycling platform in my training, which saves me a lot of time. If you feel the same way in Beijing, I spend 2-3 hours on the road every time I go out cycling in Beijing. Training on the cycling platform has greatly improved my training efficiency.

Xiaobu running shoes said: cycling on the platform can also simulate road conditions?

Miao Hao: yes, it can simulate 20% of the slope of the World Championships.

Miao Hao appeared in the Garmin booth of the Ma Expo, wishing runners the realization of PB.

Then Miao Hao appeared at the Garmin Jiaming booth (A08) at the Ma Expo to exchange training and preparation experience with many runners who were about to run the Guangzhou Marathon. A variety of smart sports watches, including Forerunner, Fairtime Fenix, epix, Venu 3 and MARQ series, are displayed on site for sports enthusiasts to experience and buy. Many users receive customized gifts around Garmin Jiaming at the booth, allowing Jiaming to accompany every training and trip.

"the Guangzhou Marathon returned after a long absence of three years, and everyone was very excited. I hope everyone will cheer on, get good results in PB and show their best on the track." Miao Hao encourages runners at the Garmin Jiaming booth.

Forerunner 265 running sports watch: break through yourself, smart and shining

To help runners perform better during the race, the Forerunner 265 running watch uses Garmin Firstbeat professional algorithm to provide real-time data and training advice, such as maximum oxygen uptake, training status, training effect, etc. Competition training advice can be obtained in two ways, one is to enter the game information into the Garmin Connect calendar and accept the daily training advice, and the other is to use the training plan in Garmin Connect. When running on a daily road or preparing for a marathon, runners can use the speed strategy to plan the pace of the race to help you adjust the pace according to different slopes or difficulties when running for selected training courses or set distances, and in SatIQ mode, it can automatically switch multi-frequency and multi-star positioning methods, providing accurate positioning even in harsh environments.

The Forerunner 265 is available in two sizes: the Forerunner 265S dial size 42mm, which has a range of up to 24 hours in GPS mode and up to 15 days in smart mode, and the Forerunner 265 dial size 46mm, which can last up to 20 hours in GPS mode and 13 days in smart mode.

Forerunner 965 Iron Triple Sports Watch: winner and Challenge

As the Forerunner family's first blockbuster product equipped with an AMOLED touch screen, the Forerunner 965 Iron Triple Sports Watch firmly holds the C position. Designed for challenging professional athletes and iron triple sports enthusiasts, it is equipped with a titanium bezel and a 47mm dial, as well as a 1.4-inch bright and colorful AMOLED display. It is worth mentioning that the Forerunner 965s excellent battery life, up to 31 hours in GPS mode and up to 23 days in smart mode, high frequency use without frequent recharging.

In order to maintain the peak training state, the new function of short-term / long-term load ratio can be used to track the training load and control it within a certain range to reduce the risk of injury. Through real-time physical strength tracking and proper distribution of physical strength to avoid excessive consumption. CLIMBPRO climbing planning can view real-time information about current and upcoming climbing, including slope, distance, height difference, and so on. In addition, whether running on city streets or cycling on staggered paths, full-color built-in maps will guide athletes to complete the journey.

From product design to life scene applications, Garmin Jiaming products will continue to change the health industry. Garmin Jiaming is committed to developing smart wearable devices and constantly improving health data tracking capabilities to meet the aspirations and aspirations of different consumers for a healthy life. Garmin Jiaming believes that every day is an opportunity for innovation and an excellent time to challenge yesterday! For more information, please visit or Garmin Jiaming official Weibo and Wechat.

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