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Seven departments: implement 4K / 8K ultra high definition to enter the household, encourage 4K / 8K TV and other products to enter the household

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 15, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the State Administration of Radio and Television, the State intellectual property Office, and the Central Radio and Television General Station issued the guidance on accelerating the High-quality Development of the Audiovisual Electronics Industry ( hereinafter referred to as the "opinions").

The "opinions" put forward that it is necessary to implement the 4K / 8K Ultra High definition (UHD) campaign, accelerate the mature landing of 4K / 8K UHD technology, and encourage products such as 4K / 8K televisions, projectors, laser televisions, high-quality audio, virtual reality terminals, and naked-eye 3D display terminals to enter households.

In addition, the seven departments also stressed the need to strengthen financial guidance and innovation in ultra-high-definition content production and household subsidies. Support network video platform to carry out ultra-high definition large screen service. Wired networks, telecommunications networks and direct broadcast satellite services are encouraged to update and upgrade user access equipment as needed, so as to enhance home audio-visual experience.

It is also mentioned in the "opinion" to support the leading color TV enterprises to enrich the product matrix, improve the industrial chain, open up overseas markets, continuously enhance ecological dominance, and lead the development of the industry. Encourage manufacturers of speakers, headphones and microphones to develop their own brands and enhance the added value of their products and the influence of the industry. Speed up the cultivation of commercial display, car audio-visual, audio and video areas specializing in the new "Little Giant", manufacturing individual champion. Support backbone enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and support artificial intelligence enterprises to develop large models of audio-visual applications. Promote enterprises to establish advanced quality management system, carry out quality management capability evaluation, and encourage enterprises to climb to excellent quality.

The seven departments hope that by 2027, the global competitiveness of China's audio-visual electronics industry will be significantly enhanced, key technological innovations will continue to make breakthroughs, the industrial foundation will continue to be built, and the industrial ecology will continue to be improved. basically form a development pattern of excellent innovation ability, strong industrial resilience, high degree of openness and great brand influence. Cultivate a number of hundreds of billion-level subdivided new markets, form a number of typical cases of audio-visual system, cultivate a number of specialized new "little giant" enterprises and manufacturing champions, and create a number of international well-known brands. build a number of public service platforms and industrial agglomeration areas with regional influence and leading ecological development.

By 2030, the overall strength of China's audio-visual electronics industry will be in the forefront of the world, technological innovation will reach the international advanced level, the industrial foundation will be advanced, the modernization of the industrial chain will be significantly improved, and we will grasp the leading power of industrial ecology. we will form a higher-level dynamic and balanced development situation in which demand leads supply and supply creates demand, and build a modern audio-visual electronics industry system.

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