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Accelerating the landing of AI, Intel works with partners to promote the training of mathematical talents in AIGC.

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Shulou( Report--

Intel today officially launched Intel Core Ultra series mobile processor products. The new Intel Core Ultra series mobile processors combine the three major XPU of CPU, GPU and NPU, further boosting the computing power of PC and integrating many capabilities of AI into PC.

With the transformation from digitalization to digital intelligence, nowadays, the AIGC industry that uses AI to create is also rising rapidly. in response to the current needs of AIGC in university teaching and scientific research, Intel has helped partners and many universities and partners to establish a wide range of academic cooperation resources such as joint scientific research, talent training, platform courses, competition challenges, and provide full-link support for AI talent training. Establish practical training practices close to actual projects and speed up the deep integration of industry-university-research. As an important partner of Intel, Lianwei has also made a lot of efforts in the promotion of AI industry-university-research.

At this year's Intel client solution Forum, United Weishi products were demonstrated to Intel partners with AIGC application and practice platform, AIReady artificial intelligence development and experiment platform, AINUC artificial intelligence learning and development kit, ROS intelligent robot training platform, autopilot ROS comprehensive training platform, industrial scene detection training platform, Uniwisee super cloud terminal and other product solutions in the solution pan-education exhibition area.

The joint Weishi AIGC application and practice platform provides a complete out-of-the-box learning and development environment for AI large models, which can cover the principles and practices of a variety of large models. The platform provides core computing power with "Intel Xeon W Series processor and Ruixian A770 graphics card", making full use of the "Xeon W Series" to support up to 7 cards of parallel computing; powerful AMX instruction set, high-precision AI generation; optimizing application cost "three major advantages, can carry out text, image, audio and other fields of AIGC application innovation, to meet AIGC-related teaching and training needs.

In addition, United Weishi has also participated in many AI-related university competitions, seminars, personnel training and teacher training, and has become the vice chairman of the National artificial Intelligence Industry and Education Integration Community (Vocational Education Group), which promotes production, assists teaching, integrates industry and education, cooperates with education, extends the education chain, serves the industrial chain, supports the supply chain, builds the talent chain, and promotes the value chain. We will promote the formation of a new pattern of modern vocational education that meets the needs of the market and the industrial structure, and train high-quality innovative talents with compound technical skills.

With the support of Intel technology, Weishi also cooperated with Wuhan University of Engineering to build an artificial intelligence innovation laboratory of Wuhan Engineering University. Through the "end-edge cloud" integrated solution, the scheme includes artificial intelligence development experiment platform, management node platform, arithmetic node platform, artificial intelligence learning kit, autopilot training, industrial defect detection experimental equipment and so on. It can strengthen the construction of software and hardware infrastructure, such as curriculum system, teaching platform, experimental training environment, etc., in order to help students master the basic knowledge of artificial intelligence and enhance the ability of practical innovation, so as to build a closed loop of innovative   AI talent training process.

As an application service provider of Intel artificial intelligence industry, in conjunction with Weishi's "end-edge-cloud" collaborative artificial intelligence application technology research and development, through AI application personnel training for the society to transport many talents in artificial intelligence, machine learning and other fields. Today, with the arrival of AI PC, the Intel Core Ultra series mobile computing platform with multiple XPU makes AI computing easy to use, which will further release AI applications and accelerate the landing.

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