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The first module of Vicino ViP AMOLED mass production project is lit successfully, and the screen is "big and small, strong and soft".

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Shulou( Report-- December 15 news, Vicino officially announced that today, Vicino ViP AMOLED mass production project first module successfully lit up. This marks that the mass production process of ViP technology runs through all lines and completes a key leap to mass production.

▲ image source "Vicino Visionox" official account, also known as "Vicino Intelligent Pixel Technology (Visionox intelligent Pixelization)", is a metal-free mask version of RGB self-aligning pixel technology, which can be explained in 's previous report.

According to reports, ViP technology has the characteristics of no FMM (Fine Metal Mask fine metal mask), independent pixels and high precision, which claims to increase the effective luminous area (opening rate) of AMOLED from the traditional 29% to 69%, and also increase the pixel density to more than 1700 ppi. With Vicino Tandem laminated devices, it can achieve 6 times device life or 4 times brightness than FMM AMOLED.

Vicino said that up to now, Vishino has covered 13 technical areas in the ViP technology layout, with a cumulative layout of more than 500 patents, and carried out a comprehensive technical layout around the key elements such as pixel definition layer, partition structure, independent packaging, auxiliary cathode and so on, forming a number of independent intellectual property technology combinations.

With the appearance of ViP technology in important exhibitions at home and abroad, Vicino has established technical exchanges with customers at home and abroad and in various fields. At present, a number of end customers have established mass production cooperation with Vicino to jointly define future end products based on ViP.

On December 7, 2021, Vicino issued the strategic initiative of "building a strong foundation of small size, expanding new areas of medium size, and opening up a new track of large size". ViP technology is known as truly enabling OLED to achieve "both big and small, strong and soft".

▲ ViP technology introduces medium size and smart home incremental market for OLED

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