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Tesla China on the shelf carbon fiber spoiler, steering wheel modification, sold for 2099-6500 yuan

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of digital whale clues! December 15 news, Tesla App Model 3 carbon fiber spoiler, Model S / X steering wheel modified two products, the price is 2099 yuan, 6500 yuan respectively. with product information:

Model 3 carbon fiber spoiler users can add Model 3 carbon fiber spoiler to the trunk cover to increase the rear pressure and improve the stability of the vehicle at high speed. The spoiler is made of lightweight crossed carbon fiber with a matte epoxy surface and is suitable for Model 3 produced before September 2017 to 2023.

The package contains one Model 3 carbon fiber spoiler. The purchase price includes the installation fee, and the installation service is provided by Tesla Service Center.

Model S / X steering wheel modification this modification refers to the conversion of the Yoke steering wheel to a standard steering wheel, which is only applicable to Model S and Model X vehicles with Yoke steering wheels. The purchase price includes the cost of modification, and the installation service is provided by Tesla Service Center.

The modification service does not include the shift lever.

The airbags disassembled during maintenance will be blasted due to safety considerations and regulatory requirements.

As the product needs to be prepared after the order is placed, please book a service time at least 3 days later to ensure that you can get timely installation services.

At present, only offline invoice is supported. If you need to issue an invoice, please contact human customer service.

After the installation service is completed, the order cannot be cancelled and refunded.

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