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2023 Smart China Model-2023 & quot; Smart China Business Leader selection & quot; list released

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On December 15, 2023, Digital Business Times officially released the list of "Business leaders" in 2023, along with the "Top Ten Business organizations" and "Top Ten Outstanding IT products" in Smart China, and the Special Award for Sustainable Development-ESG Special contribution Award in Smart China in 2023. The purpose of this selection is to select a group of outstanding leaders in the field of technology and enterprise-level IT products, outstanding business leaders, as well as leading IT technologies, products and services. By summarizing their painstaking work and achievements in the past year, on the one hand, it shows the growth of the enterprise-level IT industry itself, on the other hand, it also hopes to recommend excellent and reliable technologies, products and services by commending these entrepreneurs and enterprises, so as to provide reliable IT technologies and products for more enterprises in various fields that are striving to implement digital transformation. As well as the knowledge and experience of digital transformation that can be used for reference to further clarify the direction of future business development of enterprises, and provide effective tools and examples for Chinese local enterprises to achieve sustainable development.

It is well known that in the past year, the field of science and technology has been under considerable pressure: although the epidemic is over, the world economy has not recovered as quickly as expected. On the contrary, due to the sequelae of COVID-19 's epidemic, macroeconomic structural adjustment, inflation, and the intensification of regional disputes, it is increasingly showing a trend of long-term weakness. In the self-doubt in which expectations are not realized, the uncertainty of the future once again becomes the core of market anxiety, and this anxiety finally leads to the market's negative and cautious investment in IT.

Under the domestic and foreign difficulties, the science and technology field experienced the weakest year in nearly 20 years in 2023, and all previous successes lost their value. However, there is still such a group of entrepreneurs and enterprises who dare to innovate and are willing to innovate, who are creating and verifying a new set of successful experiences and ushering in a new era.

At the end of 2022, the emergence of ChatGPT lit a fire for the dark cloud-shrouded IT industry. It can be said that the technological upsurge of AI in 2023 has set off a scientific and technological revolution around the world.

Generative artificial intelligence is expected to contribute about $7 trillion to the global economy and increase the overall economic benefits of artificial intelligence by about 50%, while China is expected to contribute about $2 trillion, nearly 1/3 of the global total, McKinsey reported.

With the outbreak of generative AI and AI models, enterprises in various industries have strong demand at the business end, at the same time, for enterprises, they also hope to reshape the business process architecture with the help of the east wind of "AI", achieve cost reduction and efficiency, and find a digital transformation path of green, low-carbon and sustainable development.

And this is the basis of this year's selection of smart Chinese business leaders: find those business logic and business leaders who are suitable for the new situation, so that more enterprises can find new role models!

Zhuoye entrepreneurs who won the title of "Top Ten Business leaders" from Digital Business Times of Digital Media in 2023 include: Yuji Nakata, Chairman of Konica Minolta; Zhuang Zhi, Chairman of Beijing Jardine Technology Co., Ltd.; Huang Xiaoqing, founder, Chairman and CEO of Dawei Robotics Company; Li Jun, President of dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd.; and Qi Xiangdong, Chairman of Qi Anxin Group. Wang Laichun, founder of Lixun Precision; Wang Nan, Senior Vice President, Board Secretary and Chief Investment Officer of Neusoft Group; Yu Kai, founder and CEO of Horizon; Zhang Peng, founder of Zhisu AI; Zhou Xi, Chairman and General Manager of Yuncong Technology.

It is such a group of entrepreneurs who lead their respective enterprises to make history in different fields: Yuji Nakada, chairman of Konica Minolta, leads this 150-year-old enterprise to actively promote the development of localized solutions in the Chinese market. through the integrated cooperation of R & D, production and sales, we will focus on the diversified needs of local users and help them accelerate the realization of digital change. Zhuang Zhi, chairman of Beijing Yihe Jiaye Technology Co., Ltd., led the R & D team to successfully develop China's first domestic ventilator with independent intellectual property rights, breaking the monopoly of foreign brands on household ventilators. and it has become the international leader in the global market share of household non-invasive ventilators and the first in China. Huang Xiaoqing, known as the "father of cloud robot", creatively put forward the architecture of "cloud robot" and incorporated the independently developed RobotGPT into the Dazhao Hailui operating system, thus making "large model + flexible joint control" a unique skill of Hailui OS5.5. Li Jun led China Science dawning to continuously promote the technological upgrading of its products, achieving a 7.33% increase in revenue and a 15.1% year-on-year increase in net profit in the first half of 2023. Qi Xiangdong led Qianxin to make a comprehensive effort in the field of data security: the data security branch of Qianxin Group was officially established and the "Qian Tiandun" data security protection system was released to the public. Wang Laichun, who was born as a working girl, led Lixun Precision to achieve a Jedi counterattack in 2023 and formally cut into Apple's supply chain. By the end of the third quarter of 2023, Lixun Precision had a capital of 31.842 billion yuan, an increase of 31.93% over the same period last year. Under the leadership of a new generation of leaders represented by Wang Nan, Neusoft has now completed the promotion of business specialization, IP and Internet development, and focused on promoting a new round of upgrading and development of international business to further maintain its leading edge in the field of product engineering. Under the leadership of Yu Kai, Horizon has shipped more than 3 million chips in 2023, signed more than 120 pre-installed production projects with more than 20 car companies, established deep cooperation with Audi, BAIC, BYD, Volkswagen, SAIC, FAW Red Flag and many other car companies, and obtained the ISO21448 expected functional safety standard process system certification. Become the first certified intelligent driving computing company in the industry AI, led by Zhang Peng, is a brand-new company, but it is considered to be the local AI company with the most OpenAI temperament and standard at present. In 2023, it developed a bilingual 100 billion-level super-large-scale pre-training model GLM-130B, and is gradually practicing its great cause of "becoming OpenAI and surpassing OpenAI". Yuncong Technology, led by Zhou Xi, has been widely used in the Internet of things, mobile Internet, banking, security, transportation and other scenarios in a short period of time, and has become a leading company in the field of artificial intelligence in China.

In the process of winning personal achievements, these leaders show some common characteristics: first of all, they firmly believe in the value of science and technology to human beings, so they all pay a lot of attention to the development and research and development of the technology itself. give more enthusiasm for the wide application of emerging technologies Secondly, they do not rigidly adhere to the existing experience in the path of commercialization of science and technology, are brave and good at creating new business models and business models, and prove the value of technology in innovation. Finally, they all have a positive understanding of how to use technology to achieve the sustainable development of human society, and always pay attention to the real needs of enterprises and human society in the process of constantly practicing technology and business logic. and be willing to respond positively to these needs-this is not the whole reason for their personal success, but they must have played a decisive role in it.

Like outstanding entrepreneurs, there are some excellent enterprises in the field of science and technology that are equally worthy of attention. Among the "Top Ten Business organizations" selected by Smart China in 2023, the companies selected are: SAP, Dassault Systems, Hitachi Vantara, Cisco, Akamai, Taiji, Anta, voice phone, DJI and Stone Technology.

Among these enterprises, some are traditional enterprise-level IT system solution providers, in the past period of time, they actively explore the way of transformation, in order to respond to the needs of the market at any time, with remarkable achievements, such as SAP Dassault system has always excelled in the field of industrial software. In the past 2023, in the midst of silence, Dassault system has become the only enterprise in this field to achieve large-scale business growth by virtue of its eye-catching performance in the field of life science, with a wider scope of business and a substantial increase in the number of users. In the past 13 years, Hitachi Vantara has become the "leader" quadrant of Gartner ®main storage magic quadrant 15 times, and is a well-deserved technology leader and market leader in the industry. In the past 2023 years, it has continued to increase technology investment, and its virtual storage platform and software-defined storage have been greatly enriched and improved, providing sufficient support for maintaining technology leadership and market leadership. Cisco, which traditionally focuses on the network, made efforts in the field of security in 2023, and on September 21, 2023, it acquired the network security software company Splunk for $28 billion, introduced AI into security applications, and launched Cisco's "responsible AI" architecture, which laid a solid foundation for the comprehensive application of security and AI. Akamai, also from the security field, as a cloud service provider responsible for supporting and protecting network life, has built five key foundations, including global platforms, security solutions, security intelligence, security services, and training and education, to help customers cope with security risks on the Internet. At the same time, in 2023, more local Chinese enterprises have won more attention: among them, Taiji shares, with the strategic goal of "being the best IT service provider in China", has successfully transformed from an original minicomputer manufacturer to an all-round player in integrated IT services such as IT consulting, industry solutions and services, IT product value-added services and IT infrastructure services. Become the leading enterprise in the information construction of our government, energy, metallurgy and other industries. There are also traditional enterprises Anta that rely on IT technology and tools to achieve their own digital transformation and achieve great success, and there are also successful voice-transmitting mobile phones in the practice of enterprises going out to sea. Dajiang, which is widely recognized by the industry in the field of digital scientific and intellectual innovation, and Stone Technology, which has achieved breakthroughs in market-level products for home use-the success of these local enterprises, on the one hand, proves that the digital transformation and the direction of enterprises going to sea are correct, but also prove that the right methods and tools will be an important guarantee for ultimate success-they are role models for Chinese local enterprises.

Technology and products have always been the most active part of the IT industry. Smart China selected the "Top Ten Outstanding IT products" in 2023, focusing on achieving a balance between emerging technologies and real application scenarios, choosing products that can not only help enterprises solve their current business needs, but also meet the needs of their future development. The specific list is: Schneider ETAP new Electrical system Digital Twin platform, Smart ChatGLM-6B, Aliyun PolarDB, M7, easy Point World KreadoAI, Hitachi Vantara VSP 5600, Dell PowerStore all-Flash Array, Amazon Bedrock, VMware PrivateAI and Intel 13 Core processors.

It is worth mentioning that in the 2023 Smart China selection, a special sustainable development award-ESG Special contribution Award is specially set up to recognize enterprises in the industry that implement sustainable development into specific business, in order to remind all enterprises and leaders: for human society, the value of enterprises lies not only in the continuous output of valuable technologies, products and services. It also lies in being able to continuously promote the progress of human civilization. The winner of the award is Konica Minolta. For quite a long time in the past, Konica Minolta has always paid attention to social and environmental issues, focused on social, educational, environmental protection and other fields, and actively implemented corporate social responsibility in the form of "Ke" technology + public welfare. Contribute to a better society At the same time, based on the concept of "green management" of Konica Minolta, it actively implements the "Environmental Vision 2050" from the three dimensions of "sustainable factory", "sustainable solution" and "sustainable market". The aim is to achieve the "0" carbon target in 2050-- for a high-tech enterprise, this is not only a kind of corporate culture, but also an attitude of responsibility to the whole society and even mankind. It is worth learning from all enterprises.

In short, 2023 is not only a year for global enterprises to start anew, but also a year for Chinese enterprises to reshape their innovation competitiveness. The competition in the IT industry is getting bigger and bigger. Only by going all out can we courageously rise to the tide and seize the context of the times. For 2024, we see more opportunities and adjustments coexist, all enterprises hope to be able to break through in the predicament, seize the fleeting opportunity of development, go against the trend, achieve from quantitative change to qualitative change-the example is here, the opportunity is coming.

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