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Acer Lan Shaowen: availability AI PC gives Acer a first-mover advantage in the industry!

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On December 15, Intel held "AI everywhere" 2023 Intel product launch and AI technology innovation party in Beijing, where Intel launched the core Ultra processor with AI processing power and the fifth generation Intel Zhiqiang scalable processor. At the same time, Acer demonstrated the lightweight AI PC extraordinary Go with the new Intel Core Ultra processor and a variety of innovations based on artificial intelligence. Lan Shaowen, Acer's chief operating officer in China, said: "as the main production tool of digital content at present, the integration of PC and AI will usher in a subversive inflection point in the industry. In the face of the surging tide of AI, Acer's predictive layout AI, together with Intel to put AI PC products to the application layer, will once again give Acer a first-mover advantage in the industry."

Based on the usage of AI and the actual application habits of users, Acer launched an Acer Sense application that integrates a variety of practical AI functions, and is equipped with a physical Acer Sense key on the new product of extraordinary Go, which can open a new experience of AI with one click:

AI Zone: the new AI area is a collection of AI-related features in Acer Sense, enjoying new productivity and an easy creative experience

Acer Live Art: with artificial intelligence technology, Acer Live Art can help you delete the background of images with people, animals and objects in real time. You can also edit and collage freely like creating stickers.

Acer Alter View: with AI-optimized processor (CPU+GPU+NPU), Alter View uses the AI model to generate depth maps on 2D images, uses Alter View to personalize real-time wallpapers, and enjoys amazing dynamic parallax when using laptops

Smart Conference 2.0 (Acer Quick Panel): advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that enhance effects through Acer Purified View and Purified Voice, electronic conferencing, live streaming and video calls, making you look more natural and confident

In addition, with the AI computing power provided by the processor integrated NPU, the new extraordinary Go can be connected to the latest 27-inch Acer SpatialLabs naked-eye 3D display to achieve 2D-to-3D conversion. this novel AI application method benefits from the technology accumulation brought by SpatialLabs Go, one of Acer SpatialLabs's naked-eye 3D solutions, and this function can convert pictures, videos and even video calls into stereoscopic 3D effects in real time, bringing a more immersive visual experience. Imaginative functions combined with new AI PC intelligent processing capabilities will blossom and bear fruit in various industries, giving birth to more practical technologies and realizing industry changes.

In the AI era, Acer and Intel join hands to lead the forefront of the industry. Acer has given new vitality to PC with innovative technology, making it a powerful AI tool. In the unlimited prospect application of AI PC, Acer has taken the first step of "tentacles available". With the development of AI PC industry, Acer will continue to bring more innovation and innovation to provide cutting-edge and practical AI functions for the industry and users.

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