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Wutong Automobile Federation has won the annual award of smart car for three years in a row.

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On December 14, Wutong Automobile Federation was invited to attend the 2023 (Seventh) Intelligent Automobile Annual meeting. Wutong Federation CTO Wang Yongliang delivered a keynote speech "Technical pre-Research Analysis for L3 High-level Cognitive Intelligent cockpit" to share the latest achievements of Wutong Automobile Federation in the field of intelligent cockpit with the industry. At the same time, Wutong Automobile Federation was awarded the "Intelligent Automobile Industry chain Investment value Enterprise of the year", which is also the annual award of high-tech intelligent automobile for three years in a row.

(photo: Wang Yongliang, CTO of Wutong Automobile Federation, delivered a keynote speech on the spot)

As a leading full-vehicle full-stack intelligent space technology company, Indus continues to develop with high quality in 2023: it has reached strategic cooperation with well-known companies such as Changan Mazda, Future cool techs and Zhonglingzhi Bank, and its ecological circle of friends has continued to expand; product projects have passed ASPICE CL2 certification, and their development and project management and quality management capabilities have reached the international advanced level. Create a new generation of full-stack cockpit solution "Sky cockpit" and land on Changan Qiyuan A07 to help the new car launch a great success. Technological innovation, mass production delivery capacity is excellent, development achievements, growth expectations of the industry attention, this award is also a high recognition of the outstanding achievements made by the Indus Automobile Federation this year.

(photo: Wutong Automobile Federation was awarded the "Intelligent Automobile Industry chain Investment value Enterprise of the year")

In 2023, the acceleration of the automobile intelligent network connection, from the intelligent function to the underlying electronic architecture upgrade stage. With "looking for an inflection point" as the theme, this year's Gao Gong Intelligent Automobile Annual meeting gathered more than 1000 guests to talk about the new journey of smart cars. Wang Yongliang, CTO of Wutong Automobile Union, delivered a keynote speech on "Technical pre-Research Analysis for L3 High-level Cognitive Intelligent cockpit". He shared that: at present, automobile development has changed from "software definition" to "AI definition", which is the key direction of Indus research and development. Relying on the newly constructed capability platform, Indus Auto Union ploughs the field of vehicle intelligence, builds leading large model capabilities, realizes wisdom identification, wisdom analysis, wisdom strategy and wisdom execution, and helps cars accelerate their evolution from "vehicles" to "intelligent car robots", bringing users an intelligent and worry-free future travel experience.

In the critical period of the automobile industry entering the technology and market innovation, the practice and discussion of Indus Union and the leading enterprises of the industrial chain provide high-value reference for the development of automobile intelligent network. In the future, Indus will continue to create efficient digital transformation tools and output vehicle-level intelligent solutions for the industry in a soft-and hard-integrated way, so as to build a bright future for the automobile intelligent network industry.

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