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"Dyson Ball Project" large-scale free update "Black Fog rise" online: new combat mode, hostile forces

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Shulou( Report-- December 15 news, "Dyson Ball Project" is a base construction game developed by Youthcat Studio and released by Gamera Games. Large-scale free updates "Black Fog rise" is officially launched today, players can build a variety of defense weapons, including cannons, laser towers, and more reasonable layout of the factory.

The biggest change in "Black Fog rise" is the introduction of an enemy and combat system called "Black Fog" to the game. With the progress of building the Dyson ball, the threat of the black fog will gradually accumulate, and when the threat reaches a certain level, the black fog will attack Icarus.

New features added to

Added Battle Mode, players can create battle mode archives in the new game and experience the fierce competition to build and fight with enemies on the planet and in the universe!

New hostile forces: [black fog], black fog will create space nests and ground bases in planetary systems and planets, grab the matter and energy of the entire planetary system, and engage in fierce conflicts with players.

New items [Gaussian machine gun tower], [high energy laser tower], [explosive cannon], [missile defense tower], [magnetized plasma gun], [signal tower], [planetary shield generator], [battlefield analysis base station] and related technological upgrading and manufacturing formula

New items [signal tower], [planetary shield generator] and related technological upgrades and manufacturing formulations

New item [Battlefield Analysis Base Station], a powerful multi-functional building that can help Icarus build an unguarded automatic line of defense.

New items [prototypes], [precision drones], [attack drones], [frigates], [destroyers] and related technological upgrades and manufacturing formulations

New upgrades [automatic label Reconstruction] and [Energy Shield] will help Icarus better protect its factory.

Add destructive effects to all buildings

Add the ability to build the building immediately by pressing the left mouse button to aim at the pre-built virtual shadow

Planetary View (M) adds introduction to planets

Added Icarus item list grid and warehouse grid item filter function

When the accumulator with production increasing agent is used in the new energy hub, the characteristic of charging or discharging power will be increased.

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