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The performance of the M5 treasure is well-deserved, 3600mm-176m; the quick inverted brush ring reaches the top of the rotary parking building

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It is said that "it is easier to drive than to reverse", so it is even more difficult to drive the car upside down. Even on the wide and flat asphalt road, the driving mode of "driving backwards" is also faced with problems such as violating driving habits and limited line of sight, not to mention challenging three-dimensional parking buildings with many corners, steep slopes and narrow roads, which are stacked with "difficult buff" at the same time.

Looking at the whole circle of new energy vehicles, M5 once again acts as a pioneer. Recently, AITO officially invited racing driver Liu Zexuan and car blogger the goddess to drive the M5 to challenge the revolving parking building in Baoshan, Shanghai, successfully realizing the industry's first 3600 °reverse brush ring, which attracted wide attention from the industry and consumers.

The "3600 °inverted Brush Ring" is another stunning appearance of the "Dawn Yellow" color matching M5 after the Guangzhou Auto Show, and it is also the first dynamic appearance of the pink and white color matching M5 in the public view. In the challenge, the two cars show the strength of high-performance driving control incisively and vividly through high-difficulty and eye-catching performance. The wide spread of this series of bright events has also won the love and recognition of more consumers for the treasure performance of M5, which promotes the steady growth of sales in the M5 market!

The 3600 °speed inverted brush ring rotates the parking building, and the million-class chassis gives extreme driving control.

In the eyes of many people, the various extreme challenges in the car circle have long been common. But after watching the video, many people marveled that the M5 parking speed inverted brush ring is not a simple "fancy fists and legs", but a real performance challenge, the whole process is full of attention, vehicle driving control performance is very eye-catching.

When challenging the revolving parking building in Baoshan, Shanghai, which is praised by countless people as the "devil parking lot", Liu Zexuan and the goddess of car play each drove a M5. They broke the convention and rotated upward in the form of one positive and one reverse and opposite front of the car, and successfully completed the 3600 °reverse brush ring under the condition of uniform speed, uniform spacing and limited time, the whole process was thrilling and exciting, fully demonstrating the excellent driving and control level of the M5. Reversing at the same time difficult driving, itself beyond the original design considerations of most vehicles, but also against people's conventional driving habits. Both the driving technology of the driver and the performance control of the vehicle will face a great challenge.

Different from daily driving, in the state of reversing at high speed, the steering wheel changes from the front to the rear, and the direction of the vehicle is more flexible. If the driver is a little careless in the control of the direction, the reversing route will be greatly deviated. In the first 3600 °challenge in the industry, facing the "Devil parking lot" with a bend radius of only 11.5m and a road width of only 4.9m, even professional racing drivers need to be attentive and cautious. There is no room for mistakes in driving.

Obviously, this is not only a test of drivers' driving skills, but also a great challenge to the level of vehicle hardware configuration! Ask the M5 to solve the "problem" with millions of luxury car-class all-aluminum alloy chassis. It has the characteristics of 30% weight reduction compared with the traditional steel chassis, the response is more sensitive and quick, and the driving control experience is lighter. At the same time, the application of the front double fork arm and rear multi-link independent suspension of the same origin of the supercar also makes the lateral support of the vehicle more stable, the steering position is smaller, the direction is more accurate, and reduces the frequency of correcting the steering wheel. this allows the M5 to provide better stability during extreme driving, reduce body shaking, make the handling experience more robust and safe, and effectively enhance the driver's driving confidence.

Thanks to the full support of these hardcore configurations, the M5 has achieved both extreme maneuverability and excellent stability. Even facing such a difficult challenge, vehicles can overcome the difficulties one by one and successfully climb to the top of the three-dimensional parking building, achieving the goal of the industry's first quick-reverse brush ring, and further interpreting the excellent quality of the "treasure performance car".

M5 successfully reached the top of the three-dimensional parking building, and HUAWEI DATS made the performance "better than excellent".

Behind the successful climb to the top of the rotating parking building, the M5 was able to successfully get out of the circle with a "treasure performance car" in such a short time, not only because of its strong strength at the chassis hardware level, but also because it is also remarkable in software.

The M5 is equipped with Huawei's self-developed HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system, which can effectively improve driving comfort in the process of dynamic driving, make the car know the road better, control more easily, and drive more power-saving. Under worse road conditions and intense driving, HUAWEI DATS can not only improve the stability of bumpy roads, but also bring smoother curve performance. The parking building 3600 °speed brush circle, ask the boundary M5 successful vehicle hardware configuration and software training on the "both civil and military" performance incisively and vividly.

On the one hand, in the process of the vehicle circling upward, in the face of the ups and downs of the road and the frequent changes of curvature, the HUAWEI DATS dynamic adaptive torque system adaptively adjusts the torque in advance by dynamically sensing the road surface, which helps to stabilize the lateral grip, control the body posture, and improve the controllability and safety of the vehicle. On the other hand, the interface M5 also provides millisecond fast response. During the extreme speed of the vehicle, the torque control link is effectively shortened through the fusion design of the drive motor and the vehicle depth, and the system response delay is reduced to 4ms. Compared with the traditional fuel vehicle, the response speed of the boundary M5 is 25 times higher than that of the traditional fuel vehicle, which greatly enhances the fluency and stability of the corner. With the powerful blessing of the advanced system, drivers can confidently challenge the "impossible" sharp bend.

It is worth mentioning that the good performance of the M5 has long been verified. In the actual measurement, the speed of the M5 four-wheel drive version is 4s, and the repeated acceleration of 0-100km/h is not attenuated for 15 times, and the braking distance of 100-0km/h is 36.6m, which achieves the excellent results of stable driving, sufficient power, fast running and braking. It can be said that the M5 takes into account the ultimate handling and driving fun, but also realizes the performance "better than excellent". The "treasure performance car" of the M5 is well deserved.

Under the superb driving of the two racing drivers, the M5 perfectly deduces the image of "treasure performance car" on the basis of "smart driving ceiling" and "smart cockpit ceiling", further launching an impact on the "performance ceiling". Such a set of "double intelligence" and excellent driving control in one of the high-performance driving control SUV, can adapt to a variety of travel scenarios, and further enhance the travel experience of the majority of users.

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